Bob Mansfield is staying as SVP, just not of Hardware Engineering

Not long ago Apple stated that the Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Bob Mansfield would be retiring. His replacement: Dan Riccio, former VP of iPad hardware. Although most of that statement is true – in that Riccio is replacing Mansfield as head of Hardware Engineering – Mansfield isn’t leaving the company as previously thought. Happy smiley Bob is now officially Senior Vice President. Not of anything in particular. Just SVP.

No one’s quite sure exactly what his new role will entail. Speculation is that Tim Cook didn’t want to see him employed as a consultant by any of his company’s rivals, giving them valuable insight in to excellent chip/hardware design. It could be a case of Apple protecting its egg basket, or simply a case that Bob couldn’t face leaving a company he loves so much. Who knows? Either way, something’s going on. I’m just not entirely sure what.

Via: 9to5Mac

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