Apple vs. Samsung injunction hearing date set for December 6

After Apple’s huge $1 billion win against Samsung in court last week, the next step for Cupertino was to ensure that Sammy couldn’t carry on selling the infringing devices. We heard not long ago that Cook&Co were looking to permanently ban 8 devices currently on sale in the U.S. To get such an injunction in place, a separate hearing needs to happen. Judge Koh – who is undoubtedly getting sick of the sight of Samsung and Apple’s legal teams – has penned December 6th as the date for said hearing. (In between now and then, there are other hearings. Samsung’s appeal – for instance.)

As with the major court case last week, Koh has been strict in regards to how many pages can be used and how many hours of court time each party can take up. So, in short, what it all means is that this battle between Samsung and Apple is going to drag on until Christmas.

Via: AppleInsider 



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