7″ iPad did interest Steve Jobs, court evidence reveals

As Samsung and Apple’s court case goes on, various pieces of evidence will be given by each side to firm up their respective arguments. Cupertino’s lawyers will try to convince Judge Koh that Sammy blatantly ripped off ideas that Apple worked hard to come up with. Samsung will try and persuade the jury that Apple isn’t innocent in any of this.

The latest information is very interesting. Back when the original iPad launched some of you may remember Steve Jobs stating that smaller tablets wouldn’t work, and that the 9.7″ display was the perfect size. He almost went as far as to say that anything else was stupid. As we all know, Jobs is often proved wrong. He never thought third party apps would work on the iPhone, and a long time ago scoffed the idea that people would want to watch video on their iPods. Needless to say, he changed his mind.

One of Apple’s key chiefs, Eddy Cue, emailed the rest of Apple’s big cheeses stating that he agreed with many of the comments in a GigaOM article about why the writer dumped the iPad for a smaller 7″ Galaxy Tab.  As you can see, there are many arguments for having a smaller device. And, apparently, Steve Jobs was keen on looking in to the idea. Email dates January 2011.

So, if you needed further evidence that Apple would actually release a smaller tablet, here it is. It’s no longer a case of “Apple will never release one”. Jony Ive and his design team will be extensively looking in to it, and most likely have tons of prototypes flying around. What will be interesting to see is if the company actually launches one, and in doing so completely dominates the tablet market for both larger and smaller sizes.



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  • Tuliomesa82

    what does this mean for the court case? that apple would be copying sammy with a 7 or that its their “idea”