Rumor: new iPhone to be 18% thinner than 4/4S

With the new iPhone seemingly right around the corner, rumors are turning to comparisons. Instead of “The new iPhone will have…” it’s “The new iPhone will be different this way…” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. With everyone so confident in the next generation iPhones design, we can now look at what the probable device will be like against the current lineup of iOS devices. One of the first of those comparisons is the thickness of the device.

As I’m sure many of you know, Apple likes to make its devices thinner when a redesign is involved. This appears to be no difference. Taiwanese site has posted scans of an article found in the Chinese Apple Daily publication that show that show the current casings against the iPhone 4S. The publication suggests that the next iPhone will be 18% thinner than the current generation devices, using the following as possibilities of how Apple may have achieved the smaller chassis:

  • an elongation of the design by 8.63mm (~7.5%) to accommodate a 4-inch screen;
  • relocation of the headphone jack to the base of the unit;
  • inclusion of a new nano-SIM tray comprising 40% less space than the current Micro-SIM tray in the iPhone 4S;
  • a more compact MagSafe-style Dock connector with 8 or 9 pins as opposed to the 30-pin Dock connector shipping on current devices; and
  • a general reduction in the size of several internal components due to broader industry advancements.

Alongside the images above were what they are claiming to be leaked schematics of the next iPhone. This is not the first time that we have gotten these though, and the measurements in these are not new. So instead these are just more of a confirmation of sorts from the previously leaked dimensions.

What do you think? Sick of iPhone rumors and just want the device already? Are you glad it will be thinner once again? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppleInsider,

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  • iceman23

    Copying Samsung since 2005

  • KevinGautreau

    Yeah not gonna lie — I just want them to release it already to put all of these rumours — fake or real — to rest.

  • KVKdragon

     @iceman23 You do realize how ironic that statement is in light of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung NOW right?

  • KVKdragon

    I’m really hoping that Apple is going to release the new iPhone next September. This will be the first iPhone that I can actually have in my hands, since my family is finally switching from T-Mobile.

  • KyleFrost

     @KevinGautreau Same here. I told myself I’m buying around February (I am an iMac, iPod, and iPad user, but have an Android phone for development purposes. I finally am going all Apple). So all these rumors are getting me antsy.

  • Bratty

    Just bring it to TMo please!

  • RaduTanasescu

    Still hoping this design is an elaborate hoax.