The SFBags CitySlicker 13″ MacBook Air Case – TiP Review

I’m going to be as up front and honest as possible now, my name is David and I have a problem collecting messenger bags. As of last count, I have a collection of almost 20, well 21 thanks to a recent addition from the folks at SFBags — thankfully, the “CitySlicker” is one of my new favorites. Honestly, I am hard pressed to say anything negative about this bag, other than to set up expectations right from the start that this is a daily commuter bag and not for the overnight traveler. Than again, that’s what the name “CitySlicker” conjures up right? This is for city and urban life, not the weekend getaway.

With that in mind, almost nothing distracts from the beauty of this bag, with its three layers of protection. First we have impact-resistant plastic, add in some high-grade neoprene and a padded liner and you’ve got yourself the CitySlicker. The bag I have is the CitySlicker for 13″ MacBook Air which retails for $139, along with the Suspension Strap Mini which tags an extra $22 to the retail cost. Expensive? Maybe. Worth it? Hell yes.

I want to get this out-of-the-way, because it’s my one hiccup, or one disappointing with the bag and that’s the lack of a place for a MBA charger. On the one hand, this is a daily bag so a charger is perhaps something you won’t carry with you. On the other hand, even as a daily driver, this bag is thin enough that a MBA charger sticks out a bit. That’s not to say there isn’t room for accessories, there is, in fact a Magic Mouse fits quite nicely along with misc cords, ethernet cable, extra usb cord for the iPhone etc. Almost all the accessories I own fit well, minus the charging cable for the computer. However, given that this bag is a daily driver, I completely understand why my sole “complaint” with this bag (and I use that word incredibly loosely) isn’t much of a complaint at all.

The CitySlicker comes in a slew of options, colors, and sizes with options for the 11″ and 13″ MacBook Airs, along with a 15″ CitySlicker MacBook Pro Retina display case. The dual-leather flap comes in distressed, naturally-tanned Black, Camel, Chocolate or Grizzly leather. Multiple pockets are sewn inside leather flap that snaps into place along with mesh-stretchy pockets to hold your accessories. The backside of the bag has a zipper pocket that runs the length of the bag and is perfect for magazines, notepad, or other thin reading material. The pocket for the MBA itself has padded liner that fits the 13″ MBA like a glove and leaves me worry-free that it won’t move or bounce while walking around town. A snug fight, the padded liner is easy to insert and remove the MBA along with a zipper to complete the protective cocoon. 

The shoulder strap connects on the outside of the bag, closest to the body without the bag feeling like it’s weighted on your shoulder, it’s really expertly designed. The Mini Strap itself fits well on the shoulder, albeit it is small so it does take a moment or two to place properly, but feels very good on shoulder and even with the bag filled, still feels like it’s empty.

All things considered, this is the second product I’ve reviewed for TodaysiPhone made by SFBags and it’s another knockout. It’s possible that SFBags is my favorite Apple accessory company and while my experience with them is mostly limited to cases and bags for the iPad and MacBook Air, if their iPhone accessories are half the quality of the rest of their products I’ve tried, it’ll be easy to recommend them as well.

If you need a messenger bag to get you around town while carrying just the minimum amount of accessories, there is no reason not to keep the SFBags CitySlicker at the very top of your list.

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