Rumor: White iPhone 5 Glass Panel Leaked

As we get closer to the start of fall and the end of summer, more and more iPhone 5 leaks are coming out. There have been a ton of panels shown, some schematics, and there were even some purported cases leaked. While some of them appeared to be authentic, it should go without saying that all these leaks are nothing more than “I wanna’s” until Apple confirms them. That being the case, there is another leak this week.

Thanks to Apple.Pro, via 9to5mac, a rumored white front panel has leaked that supposedly belongs to the iPhone 5. The black frame is just the white flipped over. While it’s hard to say whether this is real or not, it does match a lot of the other pictures that have come out, which all have the FaceTime camera placed in the center. The flip side is that since there have been previous pictures put out, it wouldn’t be hard to make a fake panel based on those images. Even those “originals” could be fake. Basically, after last year’s shenanigans, you should continuously carry a large bag of salt.

Personally, I’ve given up trying to tell the difference between the authentic and fake. There are too many out there to even try. Plus it helps me be somewhat surprised when Apple does announce a product because I don’t get an agenda of what I want. Obviously there are things we all think that should be upgraded, but I don’t like getting to the point where I prefer one mockup over the other.

What do you guys think? Have you just come to accept this as what the new iPhone will look like? Comment down below and let us know

Via: 9to5mac    Source: Apple.Pro

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  • The black frame is just the white flipped over. While it’s hard to say whether this is real or not, it does match.

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