Next iPhone already in higher demand than the 4S

As usual a couple of months before a new iPhone is about to be launched, surveys are undertaken to see just how interested the general public is in the – as yet mythical – “iPhone 5”. In October last year, the same survey was taken to see if consumers were “very likely”, “somewhat likely”, “unlikely” or unsure whether they would be purchasing the next generation device. With the iPhone 4S, 21.5% of those quizzed said they would purchase Apple’s latest smartphone.

This time around over 4,000 US consumers were asked the same thing, and the result is massively different. 31% of those surveyed would be at least somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5. It’s a pretty staggering number, especially considering that no one knows what it’s going to look like or feature yet. Of course, most will be going on the most common rumors about a larger display, 4G connectivity, improved camera etc. But those are just rumors and nothing is official yet.

What about you? Are you planning on buying even though you have no idea what it’s going to be yet?

Via: 451 Research

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  • pdahlke940

    Yes, I NEED IT! My current crap phone (HTC EVO 3D) is getting worse each day.

  • pdahlke940

    I already have money for the ETF and money for the phone and money for cases.

  • bratty

    The minute it is announced for Tmobile, I’m there! Sick of my Android. I am almost tempted to get it and stick with edge if I have to.

  • joelaxel1997

    me 2