Jailbreak Tuesday: Redsn0w update, Browserchooser, Covermenot, and more!

Hey guys, Matt here from TodaysiPhone.com. Welcome to this weeks edition of Jailbreak Tuesday where I cover all the latest jailbreak news. Now without wasting anymore of your time lets get to it.

This week Redsn0w received an update which should offer better baseband downgrading. The process in Redsn0w has been simplified and also now works on a plethora of devices.

Sadly in 3 weeks time no really big news occurred other than Redsn0w updates, however as usual more and more awesome tweaks came out. Here are a few you really need to check out!

BrowserChooser (Free): This tweak will allow you to alter the default browser on your device. So those who are in love with Google Chrome on your iOS device you can now make it the default browser, which means when opening links, they’ll open in Chrome instead of mobile Safari.

Covermenot (Free): This tweak will stop the iOS 5 notifications from getting in the way. Covermenot will make sure the notifications look the same but won’t interrupt you when you’re using your iDevice.

iOS 6 Twitter Widget (Free): This brings the same simple “tap to tweet” button from iOS 6 to your iOS 5 jailbroken device. Its easy to use and worth downloading.

Tweak Of The Week Winner: Octopus Keyboard ($4.99)

As much as I think that Blackberry is heading in the wrong direction and will eventually drive itself right into the ground, I have to say that I do like the Blackberry 10 Octopus keyboard. However, I like the Octopus keyboard even more on iOS. This tweak really makes typing much easier and quicker on the iPhone. Octopus keyboard predicts the words you may be attempting to spell and puts them right above the keys. From there, all you have to do is swipe up to get the full word to appear in the text box you are typing in. It’s a very unique system when looking at Android keyboards and iOS keyboard tweaks.

That wraps up this weeks edition of  Jailbreak Tuesday! You guys have a great day and as always…PEACE!

Before I go, I wanted to quickly give everyone a brief explanation as to why this week’s Jailbreak Tuesday is written, not filmed. Since April I have been having lower back pains that have gradually gotten worse and recently they’ve started to slow me down. I am seeing a doctor and hopefully over the next few weeks the answers to my back problems will be found, along with a solution. As soon as I am able to make a video, I will!

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