“iPhone 5 housings” caught on video

As time goes by and the eventual 6th generation launch gets nearer, I’m trying my utmost not to let my excitement get the best of me. Last time many of us were severely disappointed with the 4S launch, and despite it being the most popular iPhone so far, it still didn’t meet our expectations. This year, all we’ve heard seems pretty realistic. There’s no crazy rumor about a completely new design, or capacitive home key.

Earlier on the leaked front panel and casings were shown assembled as one unit giving us a clue as to how the next generation Apple smartphone might look. Along a similar vein, Macotakara has leaked the video above showing the two-tone back with Aluminum back panel. One thing I hadn’t noticed until now, is how the Aluminum has a much darker finish than the current “silvery” antenna. With the black front and back, the smokier darker Aluminum actually looks really nice. What do you think?

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