iPhone 4S modded to support wireless charging

Wireless charging has always been something everyone is interested in. Right now, the solutions are mostly bulky cases that are required to be on the device to charge it. It’s been rumored every year that Apple has been working on some form of wireless charging, but that has yet to materialize. Instead of sitting around and waiting for Apple to implement it, Tanveer Islam went ahead and modded his iPhone 4S to charge wirelessly. His video instructions are posted above. This modification is not for beginners, as it involves disassembling a PowerMat, the iPhone itself, and a lot of soldering. The results however, seem totally worth it. He says the charging works flawlessly if done correctly, and only adds about 1MM to the overall thickness.

There are wireless charging options out there such as the powermat system but they all involve slipping on a jacket around the iPhone. I wanted to internalize the technology so that the beauty of the iPhone not hidden away!

More recent rumors surrounding iPhone charging includes talk of a redesigned charging port, so it’s not expected that the next iPhone will sport wireless charging. Hopefully this little mod will inspire someone manufacturers to start making better looking, better fitting wireless charging solutions, such as a replacement back panel.

What do you think? Are you a fan of wireless charging? Will you attempt this modification? Let us know in the comments below.


Via: Ubergizmo

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  • JoelAnderson1

    Really makes you wonder why more phones don’t have this built in. If the Galaxy S3 is any indication, though, it’s about to go mainstream.

  • joe_cool98

    The Palm Pre was one of the first Phones to have it Built in the Touch Stone Charger.