iCloud beta updated to include Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone

Apple has updated the developer beta iCloud accounts to include beta versions of Notes, Calendar, Reminders, and Find My iPhone. These features work just like you’d expect them to. Judging from the screenshots, the look and feel of these applications is very similar to their iPad counterparts. These new iCloud features are a great addition to Apple’s cloud-based computing service and are expected to launch alongside iOS 6 some time this fall.

The first new iCloud app is Notes. It works just like the iOS version:


Next is Reminders. Again, if you’re familiar with iOS, you won’t find anything new here:


And finally, Apple updated the Find My iPhone applications:


These are definitely great additions to the iCloud lineup. If you could pick any other iOS applications for use in the cloud, which would you choose? Sound off in the comments below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: Cult of Mac

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  • KyleFrost

    I love how it has the battery of the mobile devices in the “Info” of it on Find my iPhone now. Great yet simple addition.