Cygnett’s CarGo for iPad saved my trip [Review]

If you’ve not been following our blog for very long you’ll be unaware that I am a proud father of two kids. While in itself it’s a great privilege and honor, it’s also an incredible challenge. Over the weekend one of our closest family friends was getting married. 350 miles away. What this meant was that we’d be spending 8 hours or so on the road with two kids, one just turned 3, the other: 22 months old. It’s fair to say that they’d easily get fed up in the car without something to entertain them.

A little while back I reached out to Cygnett to enquire about the CarGo Headrest mount for iPad. The accessory costs £29.99 ($39.99 USD) and acts as a grip for your favorite tablet. It has 2 hooks that grip on to your headrest supports and a set of four grips to firmly hold your iPad in place. There’s a ball and socket joint to give you a wide range of angles. Once you’ve found your desired angle you just need to tighten the nut to hold it in place. To keep things simple, the iPad is held and let go using only one lever. The bottom set of “feet” can be slid up and down and locked in situ using said lever. Although the CarGo looks a little cumbersome and awkward, it makes up for it in being incredibly good at its job. It grips tightly, and doesn’t let go of your iPad or the back of the front seat. For those of you precious about your iPad: it has stiff, absorbent foam where ever it comes in to contact with the gadget.

So, we set off on our 8 hour drive down south with the iPad securely fastened to the back of the driver’s seat  (in front of my daughter) and angled so both children could watch comfortably. Tactics: once my son had fallen asleep, my daughter – being completely fluent in iOS use – could select whatever she wanted to watch.  Since I have only child-friendly videos loaded on to it and no access to the internet while driving, there’s no chance of her watching anything inappropriate. So, she and her brother watched two entire seasons of Peppa Pig and all four Wallace and Gromit short films.

The trip south was pretty straightforward. It was the journey home that posed some problems. We hit some serious traffic just south of London and took way too long to arrive home. Both kids slept too long in the afternoon and stayed awake much later than usual. Tired kids = lots of moaning. It was in the late hours of last night that I was even more thankful for Cygnett’s CarGo. Without it, I’m certain that the last 3-4 hours of driving would have been tear-filled and nightmarish. In fact, I wouldn’t go on a trip without it. It’s my safety net.

There’s not a lot I would change about it either. There is a little movement when you drive. It does vibrate with the car, but there’s never any risk of the iPad falling or sliding loose. Even when my daughter grabbed it or accidentally kicked it a couple of times, it never looked close to wriggling free. The range of viewing angles is fantastic too. It works very well. The only real negative is that it is quite plasticcy. To look at and feel, it’s hardly beautiful or classic. That said, it’s built to be practical and that it certainly is. If you have kids of your own, and want to find a way of keeping them entertained on long trips, get  a load of TV Shows and Movies loaded on to your iPad and spend a few bucks on a CarGo. You will not regret it.



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