Cygnett Lavish Connect – First Looks & Gallery

Cygnett makes some of the best cases out there for iPad and iPhone. More than anything it’s the depth of the range. There’s everything from leather folio’s through to super slim designer shells and shock absorbing bumpers. And yet, they’ve all got that same attention to detail in design and quality performance. Cygnett’s Lavish Connect is essentially the same as the Lavish Earth I reviewed and chose as my number 1 folio, except it has a BlueTooth keyboard.

Design-wise, it looks no different to the Earth. It has the same quality stitching and leather feel. The main difference (except for the keyboard) is that there are no ridges for multi-angle views. Because the mini QWERTY takes over the front, the designers have had to put a kickstand on the back, attached with a short piece of ribbon.

First impressions are a little mixed. Since the keyboard is held in place with magnets, I’m always anxious that it will fall out, or move around. The magnets aren’t particularly strong, but, I shall give this case a longer trial and come back with a more in depth review at a later time. One thing that really bugs me is that the keyboard has arrow cursors. I can’t think of a single use for those on the iPad. And, it should really have iPad dedicated shortcut keys, which it’s sadly missing. Apart from that, although small, it doesn’t take long to get accustomed to using it for typing.

Cygnett’s Lavish Earth is available for £69.95 (GBP) or $99.99 USD in the States.


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  • Aaron C

    Just curious, because my iPad keyboard cover has arrow keys…Don’t they work for you when editing text? I rarely use the keyboard, but when I’m typing something extensive they do come in handy.  Also, from the photo, it looks like the same shortcut keys I have for search, home screen, etc. up there in the top row.  Thanks for the review!  Love the site and check it daily. A. :)