As Apple vs. Samsung court case begins, more prototype sketches leak

Apple and Samsung have been fighting it out for a long time now. Cupertino was incensed by Sammy’s tactics of “slavishly copying” the iPhone and iPad in its smartphone and tablet designs. That said, courtrooms in various countries are hardly ruling in a consistent manner. In Germany the 10.1 tablet was banned, forcing Sammy to release the 10.1N to skirt around the patent infringing components. In the UK more recently, Apple has been ordered to run ads saying that Samsung didn’t copy them. In the US the big showdown is about to begin.

In early hearings, Judge Koh attempted to get the chiefs of each company to sit down and settle outside the court. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, and early rulings were much more favorable to Cupertino’s computer makers. The Galaxy 10.1 has been banned in the States. But, today begins the first in court for the final/official cases. In its defense, Apple has included dozens upon dozens of early prototype sketches and renderings to show what they were working on before the final iPhone design was chosen. Ina Fried (AllThingsD) – who subsequently is at the courthouse following the trial – published a huge gallery of early images. We’ve got a few of our favorites down below, but, if you want to see the whole lot, head over to the source article.

In another note: today I was reading over at The Verge, and a lawyer who know’s this particular case inside and out has written up a fantastic article on what exactly Apple feels is being infringed and how the two companies are most likely lining up their defenses. It’s written in a way that’s very easy to understand and is certainly a must read. Spoiler: it’s much more than just “it’s a black rectangle“.



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