Apple reminding carriers/resellers of Samsung ban

Since the recent ban on Samsung products in the US, Apple has been reaching out to carriers and resellers demanding that they stop selling the banned devices, which include the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy Nexus. These actions were revealed by FOSS Patents, showing that the the enforcement included letters “to many carriers and retail companies that currently sell.”

The companies receiving a letter were told to “immediately” stop selling the devices, which were sent out on June 28th. Letters for the Galaxy Nexus were sent out July 3rd. Florian Mueller of FOSS had this to say about the letters:

Apple’s menacing letters greatly overreach, incorrectly claiming that third-party retailers are subject to the prohibitions of the preliminary injunction, which clearly they are not,” Samsung argued in its court filing. The Korean electronics maker is of the opinion that retailers “are permitted to sell their existing inventory, even without a stay.

This is very aggressive, but not unlike Apple.

What do you think? Is Apple being to harsh? Or are they doing what any business would do? Let us know in the comments.


Via: FOSS Patents

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  • GaryBowling

    Patent trolling at its finest.

  • AlejandroSarete

    No. Apple is not being “to” harsh. Now, whether they’re being TOO harsh, that’s a different matter entirely. 

  • BryanS29

    if they hold all these patents, why not license them and make money off the competition ?, Microsoft does it to everyone else.

  • KyleFrost

     @AlejandroSarete Ha, my bad.

  • AlejandroSarete

     @KyleFrost I forgive you.