10 accessories I couldn’t live without

One of the great things about this job, besides it being my dream, is that I get sent tons of really cool gear to review. Along with the usual crates full of cases, there are audio gadgets, remote control cars and all sorts. Among them are a few which reserve a special place in my life. Accessories that would be very difficult to get rid of, either because they’re incredibly useful, or just so darn cool.

1. X-doria Widge – $49.99

If you have an iPad and you have kids under 5, you need this. If you don’t, you’re so missing out. The Widge by X-doria has become a family favorite in our household over the past few weeks, and there’s rarely a time when the protective rubbery foam wedge-shaped stand/case isn’t on the tablet. The rubber is thick that it absorbs almost any knocks and drops you could possibly throw in its direction, and thanks to an incredibly ergonomic handle on the back, it’s so easy to carry around. One of my favorites of all time.

2. Incipio OffGRID Pro for iPhone 4/4S – $99.99

Since Mophie aren’t so easy to get review samples from, I decided to try out a whole host of competitors’ battery packs. Incipio’s original OffGRID, Seidio’s SURFACE Plus and NUU’s PowerPlus have all been tested at home and each have their advantages. But the OffGRID Pro is the ultimate package. The case feels great in hand thanks to a soft, texturized curved back. The frame that surrounds the phone is very secure, and it comes with a spare removable battery and charging pod. It’s great value for money, and the week I used it, I never had to plug my iPhone in. All I had to do was swap out the battery pack’s empty cell and replace it with the freshly charged one.

3. SENA Sarach Ultraslim for iPhone 4/4s – $39.95

Sometimes all I want is a simple, quality made, leather pouch. There are none that match the Sarach Ultraslim in my mind. The design is beautiful and authentic, and it’s incredibly slim, making it easily pocketable. The iPhone is a breeze to insert and remove thanks to the soft leather. To top it all off, it has a microfiber-esque lining to help keep dust and dirt off your precious phone’s display.

4. Cygnett Lavish Earth for iPad – $49.99

I don’t like folio stands as standard, but, the Cygnett Lavish Earth is so beautiful and sturdy that I’d not easily give it up. It has a good number of viewing angles, and the attention to detail in its construction is unmatched by anything similar. Not only that, but it lives up to its name in that it’s lined in a lavish velvety microfiber material on the inside. The magnet that keeps it shut works well and wakes up your iPad when the cover is opened.

5. Mobiband – $59.95 (introductory discount price, MSRP: $99.95)

I’ve only had this a few hours, and it’s already my favorite set of headphones. Two things I hate when it comes to earphones: wires and in-ear buds. This has neither. It’s a Bluetooth over-ear headset. It has a microphone built in for calls, all the controls are conveniently placed on the right ear muff, and it can be used to talk with Siri. To top it all off, it folds up in to a neat package and is almost infinitely adjustable to fit any head size. Sound quality’s not to be sniffed at either.

6. Sonoro CuboDock – £249 GBP ($383 USD) 

When you consider audio products, names that immediately come to mind are Bang and Olufsen, BOSE and – more recently – Beats by Dr. Dre. When those brands are mentioned though, you immediately think of the cost involved. Sonoro is yet to establish itself as a big name audio brand, but for the money, sound quality is unmatched. Each CuboDock is hand made in Germany, contains a great range of sounds thanks to its four front facing speakers/tweeters, and it has a hole in the back for circulation making bass sounds crystal clear. It can get very loud, and has become my permanent Hi-Fi replacement. For the money, there’s nothing better.

7. The Piolo – £4 GBP ($6 USD) 

If you want a simple, durable kickstand for your iPhone, you’ll not find one as good as this for the same money. Hand designed by a product designer in Sheffield, England, it was inspired by the frustration of not finding any great methods of keeping the phone upright during video watching or FaceTime calls.

8. Incipio Flagship Folio for iPad – $69.99

Another Folio case to get it right, the Flagship Folio by Incipio is another example of the company’s eye for innovation and thinking outside the box. It’s a tough plastic shell with a solid brushed Aluminum hinge which gives it stability and versatility. It has a soft touch lining, and 9 viewing angles, making it one of the most versatile cases on the market. The case also utilizes the auto-wake magnets in the iPad. If you want a more protective folio for your tablet, look no further. It works brilliantly and looks great.

9. Spigen GLAS.t for the new iPad – $69.99

I hate screen protectors. I hate applying them, and I hate the plastic feel they have when you touch them. Spigen’s tempered glass screen protectors maybe a little expensive, but, they have much better transparency and offer much more protection than the usual sticky film. Thanks to a clever silicone based adhesive, it pushes out any tiny air bubbles once it’s applied. And, if you iPad does drop to the floor face-down, you know you’ll break the GLAS.t before any damage is done to your iPad’s Retina display.

10. Twelve South Compass stand – $39.99

One of the best iDevice accessories of the past few years, the Compass is an ultra-portable stand for iPad. When folded up, it’s no bigger than a knife, and yet it folds out to create a very sturdy platform for your tablet, or phone. Typing and viewing angles are both catered for. If I have my iPad, I don’t take it anywhere without the Twelve South Compass.

What are your favorite accessories, and why? Let me know what makes your top 10, comment below or tweet me: @TiP_Cam.

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