What’s your perfect iPhone design?


Judging by the feedback to the leaked next-gen iPhone front and back plates, you guys either love it or hate it. I can’t say that’s very surprising. After all, it’s a pretty radical design change from the sleek, smooth design of iPhones in the past. And even though I’m pretty happy with the leaked design, it’s definitely not perfect. It seems like everyone has their own opinions about what could make the next iPhone great. Of course, it would be impossible for Apple to please everyone, but it’s still fun to imagine a phone designed to your own specifications.

If I had free reign to make my perfect iPhone, I think it would be a combination of the first generation, iPhone 4, and this latest aluminum/glass design. I much prefer an aluminum backing over glass – it’s stronger, more sturdy and I think it looks better. Like many of you, I would extend the aluminum to cover the entire back of the device instead of leaving the top and/or bottom to be glass or plastic. The darker finish on the black iPhone displayed in the leaked photos looks pretty awesome, so I would definitely employ a similar look for my perfect iPhone, with the classic black glass front panel we’ve come to know and love. The white version would rock the lighter finish on the back.

As far as the body of the device is concerned, I would take the thinness of the iPhone 4 and combine it with the smooth, curved edges of the first generation iPhone. The headphone jack would stay on top of the device simply because that’s what I’m used t0. I would keep the aluminum volume buttons and mute switch that first appeared on the iPhone 4, as well as the lock button. As far as the speaker grills go, I like the design of the larger, precision-drilled holes that appear in the leaked photos and there would be room for them because there would be a Thunderbolt port would replace the 30-pin dock connector on the bottom of the device. There would be no breaks in the border of the device for the antennae either.

As far as the display goes, I think a 4-inch Retina display is the perfect size. Again, what appeared in the leaked photos seems pretty good to me. Centering the FaceTime camera above the earpiece is also a welcome design change. Of course, the home button would stay where it is.

All in all, my perfect iPhone would be a thin, dark, aluminum-backed device with a 4-inch Retina display. What would your perfect iPhone look like? Let me know in the comments section below or on twitter!

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  • Tonybabo

    I like the back of iPhone 4. I think it looks very sharp. I like the curve of my 3Gs. I don’t believe that these pics is the real iPhone or atleast not how the finish product will look. I don’t think it will be two tone back. I like where the new iphone pics real or not has front facing camera, mic on back headphone jack on bottom. I like the bigger screen I really wish it will be edge to edge that looks so sharpe.

  • rynewstrom

    I would be okay with a sleek aluminum back or a glass back but I would still like the flat shape of the iPhone 4 and 4S. I would like a 4.1 or 4.2 inch retina display. As of specs go, I would like a 10 megapixel camera and at least a 2 or 3 megapixel front camera.

  • SJ

    Need you guys who write this blog to tell me why an iPhone is better than an Android.  The editor of TmoNews who used an iPhone just switched to Android after trying one for 30 days.  I must admit I have a Mac but also a mid-level Android.  The phone is sub-par so its probably unfair to compare it to an iPhone (Id need something like a SG3 or something)…But its weird cuz on paper, Android seems to offer so much more – and yet I don’t understand why iPhone is so popular ..I know most people with iPhones love them but I also don’t think they’ve ever tried anything else.  Its hard cuz you don’t get to try a OS for 30 days (unless you’re a tech writer)…Im willing to try a iPhone but I also am saving so MUCH money on an Android prepaid plan

  • Tonybabo

    @SJ I tried android for awhile and hated it. I switched from android phones to iPhone back when 3GS was just out. It was such a great experience compared to Android. I admit Android probably is not the same it was a few years ago but Im satisfied with all my iPhones and iPads I’ve had. So much so that I have no desire to switch unless Thea android phone comes out that offers something that I just must have. That said and no offense to you but why is every article on this site have to have Android fans trying to tell people that Android is great and Apple fans have no reason to like there phone. Maybe your not saying that but this is about what we want out of next IPhone not why we like iPhone over Android. It seems to me there are more Android people always trying to convince Apple users while Apple users don’t get as offended by android users.

  • You seem to be experts in phones. Can I have your opinion on iPhone 4s vs Nokia Lumia? I can’t afford both so I have to think very hard about which of them is the better. Thanks!

  • jakezarobsky

    @SJ Cam just recently did on. He did the HTC One X, it’s in the archives from about a month ago.

  • gggg

    bigger screen(scale both horizontal and vertical)  iPhone 3G with aluminum back: it will be the best design on the smartphone world

  • randomprice

     It all comes down to personal preference! You really have to try to see which suits you best. There isn’t a perfect smartphone for everyone.
     I prefer iPhones because of the fluidity and integration. It does everything I need it to do flawlessly. But maybe you want the extra android stuff that an iPhone cannot offer.