Rumor: Is this the 7.85″ iPad Mini?

It is always nice to have a break from iPhone rumors, but it would be extremely naive of anybody to think that Apple rumors would subside altogether. So we look to the iPad to give us our daily fill. There has been little talk recently of the “iPad mini” or “iPad nano” or whatever you want to call. Nowhere near the amount of talk as with iPhone rumors, but that is to be expected. This picture might change that.

ZooGue blog has released pictures detailing a possible iPad Nano back. The pictures show the casing for the iPad, and measurements have come to conclude that the casing in the picture would hold a 7.58-inch screen. This is a little ways off of the 7.85-inch screen that has been rumored so there one red flag there.

Personally I’m not so sure this is real. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it doesn’t look 100% Apple approved leak to me, if you know what I mean. Then again, no one can ever really be certain of what’s real or fake until there is a keynote confirming or denying. So just sprinkle salt on this and stick it in the rumor pantry.


What do you all think? Real or fake in your opinion? And if it were real, would you use an iPad Nano? Let us know down below


Via: ZooGue

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  • randomprice

    Yes, you’re right, looks really really fake.

  • ItsMeParkerG

    Looks fake, but it does have the new rumored dock connection port… But to me it looks to square-ish.

  • JoseSalgado