3D renders show what assembled iPhone 5 could look like

Well as exciting as WWDC was this year, we were still left without any information on the upcoming iPhone. So it is back to the rumor mill. As awesome as mock ups and schematics are, I think we can all agree that a ‘finished’ device caught on camera is a 100x better. Well that’s what we’ve got on our hands.

A story from AppleInsider, thanks to MacOtakara, has published photos of what looks like a functioning device. Now before you get too excited, it’s important to note that these are most likely nothing more than really good 3D renders. The original publisher of these photos, a Flickr user, clearly states that the device depcited in these pics was “modelled in Rhinoceros 3D.” Even still, though, these pictures are definitely worth taking a look at. The form of the phone in question definitely lines up with past leaks and rumors. You can clearly see the two tones on the back and the elongated screen, and if the two-toned design we’ve heard so much about is legit, this is probably pretty darn close to what the next iPhone will look like.

As far as the legtimacy of the pictures is concerned, there are those that believe these to be accurate. AppleInsider has more on that:

“The original report suggested the renders could be legitimate, noting they did not seem to have a “trace” of editing in Adobe Photoshop, though it did hedge the veracity of the photos by labeling the images as unconfirmed. The publication acknowledged the photos were “really incredible,” while calling them the “most-possible” leak of the next-generation iPhone.”

Of course, considering what seems to be the creator of the photos has come out and said they’re fakes, I seriously doubt their legitimacy. Then again, you never know! I’m still on the fence with the design. I like it on one hand because it builds on what already works. On the other hand though, I am still hoping to see something completely different from Apple.

What do you guys think? Does the iPhone look legit to you? If it is real, are you happy with it? Leave us a comment to let us know.

Via: AppleInsider  Source: Macotakara

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  • KraKsX

    just a 3D rendering

  • boom1234

    A longer iPhone 4? No thanks people don’t want their phone looking like a hot dog. Make it wider and that will increase space for keyboard and the likes.

  • KraKsX

    The 3D renders above, which were posted by Flickr user Martin uit Utrecht, are modeled in Rhinoceros 3D. 

  • Dave

    I hope that isn’t what it ends up looking like. WWDC was a let down where iOS 6 is concerned. I really hope for the sake of competition that they step it up a bit.
    I’ve already gone from having an iPhone due to boredom with iOS and the device itself. I now have a HTC One X which is amazing.
    If Apple don’t do more than the only alternative I will be looking towards when i’m looking to upgrade will be a Lumia or some other Windows Phone.

  • Joshua Perp

    The back sucks, why is it glossy at top and bottom then suede in the middle?

  • krazy_Khan

    Looks like the 4/4S,why wast the time?

  • Glenn the Geeza

    Gotta say I’m not a big fan of the possible iPhone 5 pics either and agree if it were to be a little wider as well as longer not only, as said previously, would that give a bigger keyboard but would give the possibility of making it that much slimmer too as they could have the same amount of internal space but a little more spread out.
    This mock up is basically the same design we’ve had since 2010 just a little longer.
    Come on Apple. Excite us all again like you use to do.
    Gotta say my take on ios6 isn’t great too. Don’t get me wrong, any improvement is very much appreiciated but it is a bit of a dissapointment as far as I’m concerned.

  • grauiphone

     @boom1234 lol, hotdog!

  • KarlPoe

    @TiP_Cam looks like something even I could use :-)

  • TiP_Cam

    @KarlPoe Ha. Only if it was running some mobile version of Ubuntu. ;-)

  • KarlPoe

    @TiP_Cam nah, Android is good enough for me. I actually don’t get why Canonical is even bothering getting into mobile market.


    @Joshua Perp Because remember the first iPhone with the metal back with the plastic bottom ? That was so the phone could receive signal. Rumors are Apple wants to have metal back but in order to do so there must be a plastic (or any material like it) in order for it to receive signal.


    Personally I like it. But and I can’t believe I’m saying this but, making it wider wouldn’t hurt Apple.

  • rollintreez

    thats definentley not suede you idiot