iOS bests Android in app retention

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A lot of the time when application statistics are discussed, the focus is on the number of available apps and number of downloads for a given App Store. Recently, though, an interesting study from Localytics shed light on another crucial aspect of the mobile app experience: app retention. When looking at how many times an app was downloaded, you don’t usually see how many people deleted the app immediately after downloading it, and that’s actually very important in determining which app stores and developers are providing the best app experience.

It turns out that the iPhone and iPad boast a whopping 52% higher retention rate than Android devices. Delving into the numbers a bit, we can see that 24% of Android  apps are deleted after just one use, while only 21% of iOS apps suffer such a fate. What’s more, the percentage of iOS apps opened more than 11 times is 35%, which is notably higher than Android’s 23%.

There are a few possible reasons why the numbers are skewed in Apple’s direction. First, it’s no secret that Android suffers from fragmentation. Developers have to worry about building apps that are compatible with a huge range of devices and software versions which probably takes time that would otherwise be devoted to the quality of an app.

What’s more, Apple’s stringent and often criticized App Store policies can be frustrating, but they definitely help weed out subpar apps and ultimately offer users a better experience. Google is much more lenient about what apps can be sold through the Google Play store, so there’s bound to be a few more duds.

And finally, Apple users are statistically a more loyal bunch than their Android counterparts. It’s true of devices, so it’s only logical that the same is true of the apps downloaded on those devices.

What do you guys think? Are you surprised that iOS apps are stickin’ around longer than Android apps? What qualities do iOS apps possess that increase their longevity? Sound off in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: AppAdvice

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  • Coulton

    “iOS BEATS Android in app retention”

  • danielord

    @4ND3RS Den er bestemt ikke helt tosset ;-) Tak for hjælpen!

  • Bratty

    Not surprising. I have both ecosystems and iOS is by far better in my mind. I can find more feature loaded free apps in Android but they dont generally work as well as their iOS counterparts. The golf gps apps on my Android phone are awesome btw.

  • SkyPira

    @Coulton “bests” works as well