iOS 6’s chrome really shines

The shine pattern changes depending on how you hold the device!

Apple’s attention to detail has always made the iPhone and the iOS platform stand out. For that reason, I know this latest iOS 6 discovery shouldn’t surprise me very much, but it does anyway. Let me explain. The Music player got a pretty major redesign in iOS 6, and it’s now rockin’ a sweet black/white/chrome theme. Apple was pretty frugal with the virtual chrome finish, but where they did use it, they used it pretty great.

The progress bar at the top of the player as well as the volume slider at the bottom of the player both got the chrome treatment. At first this looks like nothing more than a cool texture, but upon closer inspection it appears Apple actually animated the chrome finish to look as realistic as possible. In the music player, if you tilt the device, the shine on the chrome accents move accordingly, just like it would on real chrome!

Now as far as I can tell, this special chrome animation only appears in the music player on the iPhone, but Apple may bring it to other aspects of iOS 6 in future releases. Of course, this doesn’t really change the functionality in any way, and most people probably won’t even notice it. But for those that do, this is just one more example of Apple’s legendary attention to detail. You have to admit this is pretty cool. Check out the video below!

Via: Cult of Mac

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  • KevinGautreau

    Very attentive to detail, indeed! They need more cool little things like this in their devices. :D

  • KVKdragon

    It’s always the little things that count in the long run sometimes ;)

  • iCJK

    @KiernanProud That is SO COOL. :D

  • phatograph

    @chakrit อัยยะ