iOS 6 Beta and Safari 6 links leaked?

So it’s the morning of WWDC and what is sure to be the start of a huge week in the tech world. The leaks continue on though. Besides getting a rundown of the new Mac operating system, Mountain lion, a photo showing the logo for iOS 6 has people pretty sure we’ll get a glimpse of that as well. It seems like iOS 6 is the star this Monday in more that just one way.

9to5Mac reported a story, thanks to Chinese forum, showing that the beta versions of iOS 6 and Safari 6 have been posted online. The links are not active and they say “expired” on them, but they are up nonetheless. An interesting part is that it looks like the iPhone 3GS is supported with the upcoming OS, but the original iPad isn’t.

9to5mac had more to say on that:

Besides the beta build of 10A5316k, we are noting that there are no links to the builds of the original iPad. This perhaps signals that Apple will not support the device. Also of interest: Apple still sells the iPhone 3GS, despite it having an older processor (Samsung) than the original iPad (A4). Moreover, it appears they will support it—at least if these builds hold up. It also appears that only the latest (fourth-generation) iPod touch is supported, even though the third-generation iPod touch had a slightly faster processor than the supported iPhone 3GS and is not supported.”

I personally know several people that would be extremely unhappy if they weeded out the first gen iPad, but to be honest I would not be surprised. Apple has been know to cut off older devices from software updates for two big reasons. One, it makes the OS run smoothly because the newer devices can support it. Two, it causes people to upgrade if they’re still rockin’ an older generation iOS device. We all know that as much as Apple loves technology, it loves business too.

So what do you guys think? Would you be surprised if Apple made the original iPad available to iOS 6? Let us know down below.


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  • tokyoboyxxx

    Although I bought an iPad 2, Apple’s ridiculous and sometimes arbitrary device exclusion in their updates really frustrates me.

  • KshitijKumar

     @tokyoboyxxx Then you are gonna find android super frustrating!