Guided Access enabled in iOS 6 beta 2


With the new beta of iOS 6 (beta 2) being released yesterday, there’s a slew of new and changed features just waiting to be found and unearthed. One of those new features is known as Guided Access (screenshot above). What Guided Access does is turns your iDevice into a sort of “Kiosk Mode” that allows the owner of the device to restrict use of certain features. It locks the device into one application, and also allows you to designate certain areas of the screen that can not be touched (or turn touch off entirely), and also you can restrict motion sensing of the device. This feature is very similar to what Apple uses on it’s “kiosk” iPads in their stores.

Though you may not be using this in your day-to-day life, this definitely has some use to it for businesses. It could be used how Apple does as product information in stores, as menus in restaurants, in schools for educational applications, etc. To enable Guided Access, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn the switch to “On.” Once enabled, choose “Set Passcode” to set a 4-digit passcode, then proceed to opening your app you want to be kept open (also turn on allow sleep if you want to allow the screen to be turned off). When you are in the application, triple click the home button to begin Guided Access mode, where you can choose your settings for where the screen can/can’t be interacted with and whether motion is allowed to be used. Instead of turning off the entire touch screen, you can also “draw” around the area you want to be off limits and it will designate those specific areas (such as in Safari if you want them to interact with the site but not touch the address bar). To exit, just triple click the home button and enter your 4-digit passcode.

What do you think? Do you own a business and will use this feature? What other uses for this feature can you come up with? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Crashawesome009

    How do you turn off guided access if you make it so you can’t use the buttons or touch anything

  • KyleFrost

     @Crashawesome009 Triple clicking the home button will bring up a prompt for you to enter in the 4-digit passcode set beforehand. The button still works, it just won’t allow a random user to exit the application.

  • Mark97

    I turned it on while in an app and when I did the whole screen went black and I can’t turn it off! I tried syncing with iTunes but that isn’t working! The only way I can see it working is restoring it but I really don’t want to :(


     i had the same problem u have to do a soft reset mine was stuck in the weather app triple clicking wudnt bring the key pad up jus kept telling me i was in guided access SO u hold the home and sleep button at the same time till the apple logo pops up and UR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!