Facebook to release better, faster iOS app

Well, this is some good news. My experience with the Facebook iOS application has been getting worse and worse. It’s slow. Painfully slow. But some good news is apparently on the horizon for the social network app, as Nick Bilton of The New York Times is reporting that two unnamed engineers for Facebook shared with him some details of the next big update. He reported that the new application is rebuilt with a focus on speed and performance, saying:

One of the Facebook engineers said the new application has been built primarily using Objective-C, the programming language used to build applications for iOS. Many of the components of the current version of the Facebook app are built using HTML5, a Web-based programming language.

Bilton claims to have tested the new iOS application, and said it “looks exactly like the old one.” All of the changes are behind the scenes, improving the overall performance and usability of the application. The Facebook application is not new to iOS, being on the iPhone for years and the iPad since last fall. However new this year is full integration with the soon-to-be released iOS 6, allowing users to have their Facebook credentials inside the iOS Settings application so they can share pictures from the Photos/Camera applications, post statuses from Notification Center, and more. Hopefully with this update, their application will better match the fluidity of the rest of the operating system.

What do you think? Do you dislike the sluggish performance of the current app and look forward to this update? Did you abandon the iOS app and hope this will bring you back? Let us know in the comments.


Via: NYT

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  • DarrenButz

    Hopefully this means the same for Android, which is even worse.

  • KVKdragon

    I’ve always hated the random glitches and slow periods that the Facebook app has. This is a welcome change :)

  • I’d welcome the update. Half the time I give up waiting for it to load after a few minutes.

  • umichdan

    The FB app is too slow — noticeably slow. A faster app will be great.¬†