Facebook now requires developers to include privacy policy in their apps

Facebook and their privacy policies have become fairly famous over the past year, with the concerns over user privacy being in headlines for a good amount of time. Well, to show that they are watching out for their ever increasing user base, a statement from California Attorney General Kamala Harris confirms that they are the seventh company to sign the Joint Statement of Principles, which is put in place to enhance the privacy for users who use online applications on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other miscellaneous electronics; according to CNET.

Last year, Attorney General Harris started working with the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, HP, Microsoft, and RIM in hopes of getting “emerging online technologies, such as mobile apps” to fit with Cali’s Online Privacy Protection Act. This act requires commercial site, online services, and mobile apps that collect personally identifiable info about it’s users to conspicuously post a privacy policy that lets the user know what kind of data will be collected, how they intend to use it, and how users may edit their data that gets collected. In a letter from the Attorney General’s office to Facebook, it read:

We are very pleased that Facebook has incorporated the Principles into the design of the App Center and that Facebook requires, as a condition of participating in the App Center, that developers submit a link to a privacy policy.  We are also pleased to see that Facebook is prominently displaying the link to an app’s privacy policy in the App Center, and is implementing a means to report and remediate privacy issues.

Facebook’s App Center which was just recently released was build using these principles, and requires every developer that has an app added to their App Center to include this type of policy. It’s good to see Facebook taking steps to protect it’s users.

What do you think? Was this just a business move or do they really care about your privacy? Do you use Facebook, and are you concerned with their privacy practices? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Office of the Attorney General – California

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