Cygnett Aerosphere: First Looks & Gallery

When I first spotted the Aerosphere in Cygnett’s online store, I was immediately skeptical. I can’t remember the last time I saw a decent iPad sleeve/case for under £20 ($30). So, when I saw that it cost a measly £14.99, I just assumed it would be a cheapy, and not well put together. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the design.

The sleeve is pretty innovative in the way it protects your tablet. The outside is covered in air-filled bubbles that resist any small collisions or knocks, keeping your iPad secure. Also, the inside is lined with a lovely soft lining that ensures your display isn’t likely to become scratched or dirtied. I’ve got two young children, so I was delighted to see it comfortably handle being dropped (at least, while it’s shut.)

My only real concern is the elastic straps that hold the iPad in place. Being so flexible mean that if the case is open and is shaken, or dropped, there’s every possibility that the iPad comes loose. That said, once open – in most cases – my iPad is in use, and is rarely in a situation where it’s being moved around, it’s the carting around in between use where it would be most at risk. So, the sleeve does exactly what it means to, and is another example of Cygnett’s design team thinking outside the box and to great effect.

The case is available from the Cygnett online store for £14.99 ($23 ish).


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