Apple toppled from 1st place in British market

Just 2 days after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has become the most popular phone in Britain.

The figures come from comparison website uSwitch, according to their Mobile Tracker the S3 has already knocked off Apple’s white iPhone 4S from number one, just one month after it achieved the position.

“The S3’s spectacular ascent comes amid an Apple-style blizzard of hype, driving a surge in pre-orders, online searches and sales for the Android powered smartphone during May.”

Before last month, Samsung’s Galaxy S2 had been sitting pretty at the top for 1 month shy of a year, with a spectacular 20 million sales. To put that in some kind of perspective, almost 1 in 3 Brits purchased a Galaxy S2 last year. And the phone is still incredibly popular today, it now sits in 3rd place, behind everybody’s favourite cash cow, the iPhone 4S.

So what happened? Well, first of all, props must go to Samsung. To quote uSwitch tech expert Ernest Doku:

“Feeling surprisingly light to carry due to its brushed polycarbonate casing, especially considering the vast 4.8 Super AMOLED screen, the Samsung S 3 looks set to give the iPhone a serious run for its money.”

Make no mistake, the S3 is a fantastic phone. However, I think there’s something else at play too, because the iPhone 4S is a brilliant phone. But so is the iPhone 4. In fact, so is the iPhone 3Gs. Apple have pushed the envelope with its most recent smartphones, but it appears that they haven’t pushed it far enough. Are consumers finally starting to believe that the iPhone is lagging behind the competition? What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below, and as always check us out on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest from Todays iPhone.



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  • RodienB

    Samsung Galaxy S3 the best smart ever you see the difference between it and a trega 3 phones

  • JohnRobertPeters

    I believe that sometimes they push the envelope and sometimes they don’t. Like going from the 3gs to the for was a major update, but going from the 4 to the 4s wasn’t at all. We all no that the 4s was just a minor update but when you think about how other people are updating their phones it looks even more minuscule. My friend updated his contract earlier today and I knew that he was getting an iphone so I asked if he was getting the 16gb or the 32 gb and he said I think the 4 only comes in 8gb. I asked why he was getting the 4 instead of the 4s and he said that they were basically the same phone and that he would only be paying for more space. The only thing really different was the camera and Siri, and when people bought the 4s they realized Siri didn’t work as they had planned. Everyone was wanting Siri to work with everything and then they realized it only worked with a couple apps and half the time it wasn’t even aware of what you were saying accurately. I’m not saying the iphone or apple is bad I just think they aren’t always revolutionary with product updates like everyone believes. Sometimes they are just a step forward and a small step at that.

  • Glenn the Geeza

    Gotta say I agree with johnrobertpeters e-mail.
    I guess I’m defo an Apple fanboy I use a mac, Apple TV, iPhone 4 and iPad. My wife has an iPhone 3GS BUT I do realise that gone are the days of the iPhone being the best phone, in fact those days are LONG gone. Although I’m waiting for the iPhone 5 (or whatever it gets called) i’ll probably get it coz I’m tied into the Apple echo system too much.
    Neither Apple or Android are perfect but taking build quality out of the equation… The Galaxy S 2 and certainly the 3 are MUCH better phones than the iPhone.
    Saying all of that, as I said I’ll probably get the next iPhone. Who knows though, maybe one day I’ll try an android phone.
    Apple certainly have invented major groundbreaking devices but, in my opinion, after they invent something they only ever, or certianly generally at least, make incremental changes.

  • KevinGautreau

    Apple lets the competition try out all the flashy stuff before they implement it into their products. I.e. 3G was out for a while until it was put into the iPhone. Apple will always be ‘behind’. I do believe though, doing what they do in this fashion does help them keep up, even though they never quite seem ‘on top’.

  • boom1234

    Apple left the door wide open when they had only a minor update from the 4 to 4s when others were going all out with various different things. I think the next iphone depending on if they add what rumors are saying then they will most likely get back on top but who knows, android and especially Samsung and htc seem to be pushing the label more and more.