Apple beats Google, gets injunction against Galaxy Nexus

After months of legal battles, Apple was finally granted a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. On the heels of Apple’s successful campaign to ban the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple has bested Google again this week with California judge Lucy Koh deciding in favor of the Cupertino-based iPhone maker.

The U.S. sales ban against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will go into effect as soon as Apple posts a bond for nearly $96 million bond to cover damages in the event that the injunction is later ruled unjust. Apple initially filed for an injunction against this high-profile Samsung handset in February, citing four separate cases of copyright infringement. In the end, it was U.S. Patent Number 8,086,604  – which deals with  Siri voice commands and unified search functionality – that finally did the Galaxy Nexus in.

According to Judge Koh,

“Apple has articulated a plausible theory of irreparable harm” due to “long-term loss of market share and losses of downstream sales.”

At this point, the Galaxy Nexus kind of seems like old news. The slow pace of these lawsuits isn’t really suited for the quick turnover and development that the tech world operates on. But I have to admit that even though the Galaxy Nexus isn’t the star of the Android show anymore, it’s still definitely a bummer that it’s being treated like this. Apple makes great devices, but their legal practices are incredibly frustrating and seriously diminish the healthy dose of competition that lead to true technological innovations.

Looking forward, if Apple won a lawsuit about a patent regarding Siri-like functionality, I’m sure the company won’t be pleased with Android’s new voice search feature in Jelly Bean. I can almost hear the frenzied keyboard clicks in Apple’s legal department.

What do you guys think about this? Was Apple right to work to get the Galaxy Nexus banned in the U.S., or should they stop worrying about who’s copying who and start trying to make stuff we haven’t already seen a million times? Sound off in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: AppleInsider

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  • KiernanJamesMoore

    I Apple should stop this rubbish and spend more time making something better

  • Jacob2kD

    all apple is good for is suing people over crap last i checked the galaxy nexus slide to unlock is nothing like the iphone we can actually slide to either camera(which was before iphone added the option) or now with jelly bean google search from lock screen apple only slide left or right  nexus full circle if custom rom can add sms  or any other app to lock screen samsung or any other company should sue apple when they finally come from 2007 and upgrade to bigger then 3.5 inch screen? because wouldnt that be  apple copying someone else? dang hypocrites

  • mindoversoul

    I think Apple had a very long term plan for the iPhone, a plan of development, control and innovation that they were going to be in complete control of.  Android and its growth pace, shot that plan to hell, now iOS is basically standing still compared to Android and even Windows Phone at this point.  Apple isn’t used to being forced into innovation, they like to do things on their own timetable and Google isn’t letting them.  In order to stick to their plan, their only choice is to shut down all competitors with law suits.  It’s sad really…

  • This is long term success if apple win the lawsuit it can be a benchmark for future cases in that the Samsung hits very hard.

  • SkyPira

    I agree with those below me. Apple is beginning to choke out the competition which harms consumers instead of innovating something new for them…it’s actually quite frustrating.

  • BrockAllen

    Android has had voice search/commands since 2010. Apple released Siri (**BETA** –  not even a full-fledged product) in 2011, and the suit was submitted in Febuary this year, 4 months before Jellybean was announced. The suit can’t be based of of Jellybean’s voice capabilities that were initially demoed 4 months afterwards.
    Apple is suing for a product idea that they copied from the people they’re suing a year beforehand. And somehow this judge, who is either incredibly stupid or incredibly paid-off, is letting it happen. 

  • edeit3177

    i think apple needs to lay off all of the lawsuits for patents, they’re just mad because other companies are improving their ideas and they are mad cause they dont have a huge lead in the market and they are trying to sue the companies  for all their money and are trying to gain  back more customers

  • edeit3177

     @BrockAllen exactly.

  • But nobody justify piracy and copying. If I made some thing unique and other one copying it and make money on it than surely I feel down.
    Better I took my sweat & time back from that person who copying it.

  • edeit3177

    apple bites and droid does!!!!

  •  @BrockAllen – You’re Actually way off.Siri was developed in 2007  by  Dag Kittlaus ! He became the CEO, and Steve Jobs had called him for this amazing Idea.Siri was an App in the AppStore, but later Apple Integrated it into the iPhone 4S! No copying was done from any other Source, it was purely by Apple and the Siri, Inc.!Apple only brought this stuff up. My point is not supporting apple / google.But it is, that don’t give wrong information! 

  • Skyler123

    @edeit3177 I don’t think jealousy or attention seeking is Apple’s reasoning for all of this. It’s because of what Tim Cook said at the D10 interview, “When an engineer puts his life work into a product and then some other companies rips it off and just puts their name on it, it’s not right”. Which I believe full force is what the issue is. Yes, Apple didn’t invent Siri. But they bought the dang thing, and they implented themselves of how Siri would be used in their select devices.

  • Skyler123

    @Pira I don’t think the term ‘instead’ should be used, Apple does innovate, whether they’re dealing with legal issues or not.

  • Skyler123

    @KiernanJamesMoore I don’t think this is slowing them down any.

  • If the tech is developed by google then why he didn’t sue Siri developer.
    Is they don’t have lawyers.

    As well apple buy that product and innovate it if he feels that some buddy stole it why not sue it.
    It’s it right and this not slow down innovation, it make the innovation to be belong to legitimate inventor.

  • victoraguirre13

     @Skyler123  @edeit3177 Notification bar bitch! hypocrites! 

  • Jacob2kD

    don’t see google suing apple for they can claim coping Notification bar drop down

  • samichaels96

    I’m soo frustrated at Apple as of lately that all I have to say is that they should stop suing device manufacturers and should sue Google and that they should just accept the fact that there is competition in the smartphone arena now. I sooooo hope that Motorola gets Ian injunction against the iPhone & iPad.

  • samichaels96

    @Jacob2kD Actually, no, Google cannot sue Apple for “coping” the drop-down notification bar. Android is a “free & open-source” software and anyone can do anything with/to it that they wish to do.

  • samichaels96

    @BrockAllen I agree with Apple paying/bribing people to get its way. Things really seem to have gone down hill since Steve Jobs resigned/passed away.

  • RaduTanasescu

    This is a mistake. Apple is going to loose potential Android customers like this. Just like I switched from Android to IOS a lot of people might feel the need to do the same. But if Apple is going to behave like this those people will just wait for Android to improve instead of crossing over. And I heag jelly beab is finally fluid.

  •  @BrockAllen I totally agree to your point. Voice actions have been there in android for a long time now. I heard that Apple have problem over Siri like functionality. That means they are here to curb innovation by competitiors. They couldn’t accept the fact that Google voice search in Jelly Bean was so good that it pissed off siri in many ways.
    The only thing I want is Google to get themselves involved in this drama and end this forever. Really fed up by Apple. And of course, it surely looks like the judge is very well paid off. 

  •  @mindoversoul Absolutely true.

  • Aiyah

    How is this in any way good? Apple and their inconsiderate selves have killed one of the best smartphones in the US, and all for what? So they can be the best? Apple is already getting millions and millions of dollars from selling all of their products, and when one phone that is a bit similar to their ‘angelic iPhone’ comes along, they’re going to step on it? Jake is right, that just gets rid of the whole competition for technological innovation since Apple keeps putting Samsung down. 
    Apple, I’m ashamed. It makes me feel so DIRTY to hold one of your products in my hand knowing that you crushed some skulls just to get it as great as it is. 

  • LV2355

     @samichaels96 “Android is a “free & open-source” software and anyone can do anything with/to it that they wish to do.”
    Inside Android of course. But copying a patent is not allowed. Let’s see if Goolge will intervine. Some time there is a need to respond on evil with evil (even if the Google way of doing bussines is “don’t be evil”).

  • LV2355

    Apple is playing with fire, And when playing with fire… you might get burn,

  • KalobM

    @TodaysiPhone such crap! I wish that apple would just accept competition and not keep other companies from selling their products..

  • Bratty

    For all the folks saying “notification bar”, it surprises me that no one has a clue! The “shade” is licensed by BOTH Apple and Google from an inde developer. It is NOT a Google product. Doesn’t anyone read anymore?

  • @Bratty The google android loved so maid the think everything in android made by them or have copyright.

  • Every time when apple win any injunction over android or android basses mobile developer all people talking on Internet that Apple playing with fire/not promoting new inventions/giving money to judges.

    That’s all is freaking me. Why they don’t think that piracy is a crime & the decision come after hearing both parties.

    So I think apple is right what he is doing.

  • asdf123

     @Dheeraj Kumar Verma The thing is normally in the real world if a company infringes on a patent they work out an agreement whether it is a monetary compensation or sharing of other patents.
    Apple seem to be the one’s who are hell bent on getting their competitors products banned.
    This seems to back up the theories that apple are running scared because their competitors are innovating the technologies much better than they are and they are too far behind themselves.
    I for one was truly disappointed with the announcement and presentation for iOS 6. That product needs a complete overhaul and redesign or as was commented on this website on a different story that they could start losing people to Android or the new Windows 8 OS’s as people get bored of iOS and it’s lack of features the same as what happened to RIM and Palm.
    They are using everybody elses technology patents under fair and reasonable term agreements. Without these patents apple wouldn’t have any products at all!
    I wish they would stop this childish nonsense and get on with trying to innovate instead of holding everyone else back because they have lost focus.

  • MiguelDiaz

     @edeit3177  its not the companys fault that Apple takes a whole year to make one phone with all those basic features its messed up tho like the notification bar on the iphone its copying android thats the point of Android the notification bar and Apple has sues the Galaxy s 3 evo lte galaxy nexus and tab 10.1 they are mad just because they cant make a phone in a month only in 1 year -___- it not the companies fault they dont hurry up with their products

  • dheerajkumarverma

    @asdf123 @Dheeraj Kumar Verma This is what called a true corporate practice. First you should get the license to use the patented tech and then use it in your software / hardware.
    Apple always do this so why apple updates comes late / polished like in terms of music match / siri / notification center. But google never do this they always used other patent and when the case come they try to settle it through legal way not by out of court.
    So how apple or other can’t sue them and take license for patent.

    Apple always being on war for anti-iOS in terms of OS updating / hardware improvement but they don’t see apple works by patent and future.
    Like on Flash- I think you all know in Jelly Bean android flash is not supported.
    And Steve jobs 8 months earlier already said why they don’t provide flas to iOS.


    Does this mean we no longer have to hear: “No flash? Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker right there.” from the anti-iOS folks?

    Oh well, at least they’ll still have: “No removable battery? Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker right there.”

  • asdf123

     @dheerajkumarverma  @asdf123  @Dheeraj In all my years working in R&D Apple are the only one’s i have heard demanding competitors products are removed from the shelves. Normally they would continue to sell under FRAND terms as it normally takes a long time for lawyers to go through the paperwork. Then any fines or licence fees are decided upon. Also a lot of patents that have been issued to Apple are very vague so it is hard to pin down every detail. Plus with Apple being so unreasonable with licensing it is always going to be a thorny issue.
    As for flash. The reason it was still used and supported for so long was because developers were reluctant to move away from it. Now seeing as Adobe have decided not to support in in mobile devices (only Android 4.0 or earlier going forward) flash support was always going to go.
    What has a phone having or not having a removable battery got to do with any of the patent arguments going on now?

  • dheerajkumarverma

    You cannot just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they will want something new.

    And I think apple know this thing better