Woman tracks down iPhone thief thanks to iCloud

iCloud has its benefits, but I’ve never really considered it as an anti-theft tracking device. So, in something a little more lighthearted, here goes.

Kate McCaffrey was recently on a Disney cruise, when she had her phone stolen. Now, if I had my phone stolen on a cruise, I’d probably consider that the end of that. Let’s be honest,  whoever took your phone would probably be on the other side of the world in a couple of days, no matter how annoying it would be, there’d simply be nothing you could do. However, to Ms McCaffrey’s surprise, pictures taken on the phone after the theft soon began to automatically sync with her iCloud account. To her disbelief, photos from the same holiday began to her appear on her computer back home. Well, I say holiday, it also emerged that the phone was being used not by a cunning tourist, but a crew member from the ship.

Facebook, iPhone

Ms McCaffrey uploaded the photos to Facebook in an album entitled “Stolen iPhone Adventures”. Elsewhere she wrote:

‘I have alerted the officials of the Disney Cruise Line and forwarded them the photos… Hopefully I’ll get my phone back and maybe some free passes to Disneyland.’

Ms McCaffrey identified the culprit as “Nelson”, a man who features prominently in the photos, however, this doesn’t mean he stole the phone, so no direct action can be taken as of yet. But still, it’s a rather ironic turn of events. “Nelson” has since been suspended by Disney until the matter is resolved”.

Do any of you have a similar story? Leave a comment below!


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  • boundtobeafraid

    http://happywaffle.livejournal.com/5890.html this is the best. Pretty old (Mobile Me) but it’s awesome.

  • tmobrian

    Had my iPod touch stolen while my car was at the car wash. Pictures of a small child started appearing on my iPhone (from iCloud) – photos went to the local police. All the people involved with cleaning my car were questioned- only one had a small boy. The police showed him the picture of the child that went to iCloud- he admitted he stole it from the car. Now facing 1st and 4th degree felony charges for theft and grand larceny. LOVE iCloud and Find my iPhone!!!!