Top 5: Things I want to see in iOS 6

1. New App Store

Out of all the places to buy apps on any of the major mobile platforms I prefer Apple’s App Store, by a long way. Finding decent apps is easy, and there are so many useful tools like “people also bought” and a section for apps from the same developer. All in all, it’s a simple experience, but it’s not without its frustrations. I eluded to this in my recent 30 day challenge article: once you hit “download” all sense of intuitivity and simplicity flies off. Why, oh, why do you make me go back to my homescreen? I want to browse the App Store.

Can you imagine if you went in to a store that took you to the checkout, charged you and sent you home every time you picked something off the shelf? And then promptly forget to mention that there’s no “try before you buy policy”. So, if you hate the app, you can’t return it. Sucks. Big. Time. With the App Store, it should just show you a progress bar within the store itself to inform you how far along the download is. Surely that’s not too much to ask?

2. 3rd party widgets in Notification Center

We know this is possible, thanks to some handy jailbreak tweaks, but, Apple is yet to open up Notification Center’s drop-down drawer to 3rd parties wanting to put in useful widgets. I couldn’t care less about stocks, and I can see the weather by looking out the window, or – shock horror – walking outside. There are so many more useful things you could put in there.

I’d love to be able to write up a quick tweet, or see calendar appointments, or quickly add a task to Wunderlist. It’d be great to not have to open an app just to tap a short sentence. Of course, I’d love to have a widget to switch Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G etc on/off tucked away in Notification Center. I wouldn’t want any on my homescreen, that’s far too Androidy. But, needless to say, the drop down drawer could be better used.

3. Better Notifications

Notifications pre iOS 5 were terrible. Now, they’re almost bearable. They are far from perfect. I cannot stand those red badges, and so have removed those completely. But, now, unless I drag down the drawer from the top of the screen, I can’t tell when I’ve missed anything. There should be little icons in the status bar, similar to BlackBerry and Android. Or (never going to happen) an LED light that pulses softly like the awesome HP Pre 3 did. I constantly miss texts and emails.

4. iCloud improvements

We’ve already seen that Apple is planning on adding Reminders and Notes to, which is fantastic. It’s a much needed improvement. But, I’d also like to see more iCloud compatible gaming. Games that really do remember your progress across devices. So far, I’ve not noticed any that work the way Apple boasted about in June last year. I was expecting that when I achieve a certain milestone on any game on my iPhone, I could pick up where I left off with the iPad. I’d also like to see a better Documents in the Cloud service. Having to manually upload documents from my Mac seems to defeat the purpose. Make it like PhotoStream and have one folder where you want all your iCloud documents to come from, and have them automagically beam from one device to the next without any fuss. Make it “just work”.

Then there’s Movies and TV Shows. If I can stream music, why not video? I’d love to be able to have access to my whole iTunes library without it needing to be stored anywhere in my house. It works great for my playlists and albums, it should work with my fav TV programs and films too.

5. iTunes subscription model

Along with the video streaming, I’d like to see a new way of consuming music. Forget iTunes Match for a second, and go down the route of Spotify. Charge us a good fee, and let us listen to absolutely anything within the entire iTunes store library. I love Spotify, but, having it all within the default Music app would mean one less thing on my iPhone’s home screen.

What about you guys? What do you want to see in iOS 6? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • Nate B

    I really want a quick wifi, bluetooth and gps toggle, notification center would be a great place for it, or a double home swipe left would also work.

  • Display Name

    Being able to delete YouTube, Stocks, and other stock apps that I never look at ever. That’d be nice. I’m fine with the app store doing what it does, it’s not even that big of a deal. More personalizations for the OS, active backgrounds. They complain that we jailbreak, then look at the reasons we do, and do something like that.

  • lehnertz85

    I totally agree with iTunes being subscription based. I don’t really care about music but for the movies and TV shows. Netflix is stale and doesn’t put up new stuff like iTunes does. They need this bad. 

  • GSTurn

    I would like to see them make the search page be a notification page and have search be a widget on that page invoking the keyboard when you touch it and I would like the search widget in the notification center that you can pull down anywhere also.  And I would like to see an option to have this notification page be your number one home screen.

  • I’d like to see a discontinuation of this counter intuitive system.
    Stupid is as stupid does…
    Apple just keeps doing it wrong.
    Elegance is not a replacement for functionality.

  • AaronGWilson

    I want more functions for iMessage and better notification center. As GSTurn said, it should be where the spotlight search is.
    Im cool with the red badges but i do think an external LED is jsut easily the best way to handle unanswered notifications. Thats why basically everyone else does it that way.  Im also cool with the app store as is. The only thing I would fix is the auto-exit when you download an app!!!