Steve Jobs worked closely on 4″ iPhone

Over the final few months of his life, Steve Jobs was undoubtedly planning on how he could ensure Apple was in safe hands after the inevitable was to happen. He was very ill, and most of us knew it. As soon as he’d announced that Tim Cook was taking over, there was no going back. On October 4th, Tim Cook and a bunch of other Apple SVP’s took the stage to unveil Apple’s latest iPhone and iPods. The iPhone 4S event went fairly well, with Steve Jobs satisfied. Any who followed that announcement will remember how toned down, and almost melancholic it was. The next day, Steve died. But, if rumor has it correct, he didn’t leave Apple in the dark as to what its next move should be.

Rumor has it (no Adele pun intended) that Jobs left 4-5 years of plans for Apple, in order to keep it at the forefront of pop-culture technology. During his time he’d brought together a world-beating team of executives, designers and engineers. All who were onboard with his vision. Isaacson also unveiled in Jobs’s bio that the co-founder had “cracked” the TV. However, when Jobs’ wasn’t busy inventing new concepts for TV and cars, Jobs liked to focus on one of his most recent post-PC era devices: the iPhone.

Bloomberg is reporting that before Jobs died, he played a “key role” in the development of Apple’s next 4″ iPhone. Their sources state that up until Jobs’ death on October 5, he was working on the next big iPhone re-design, that would mainly feature a 4″ Retina display. The phone would more than likely keep the same aspect ratio and pixels as the iPhone 4(S), so developers can easily develop for the next iPhone. Bloomberg also states that the next iPhone’s only major new features will be the bigger display and 4G LTE.

If Steve Jobs really was working on the next iPhone up until his death, I think we’re all going to be satisfied with what will be unveiled sometime within the next few months.

Via: Bloomberg

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  • there was no going back. On October 4th, Tim Cook and a bunch of other Apple SVP’s took the stage to unveil Apple’s latest iPhone and iPods.

  • TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse

    I find it funny how it says “4” retina display” but then says it would keep the same aspect ratio and pixels. When unless the pixels were increased it couldn’t really be called a retina display.
    I seriously doubt that Steve could have planned 4-5 years ahead when there hasnt been a single innovative thing on iphone in a long time…so either someone is lying or steve was already being told was others had in store so he planned the timeline to steal from android and other people’s work. lol. 

  • PrimeSupreme

     @TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse Funny how you say “steal” from android. what a joke. 

  • TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse

     @PrimeSupreme  HA HA HA HA HA HA iOS 6 announced and no hint at bigger screens. Heck, iOS 6 isnt even enough of a change to warrant being called a new version entirely. Should be like iOS 5.5. HAHAHA. 
    BTW, name ONE THING…at least ONE….that android doesnt already have that iOS 6 brings about? Im waiting…..

  • Xander Crews

     @TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse  Apple is the king of promoting itself…so this is just that.  This sounds just like a bunch of fluff to get the Jobs lovers to flock to the Apple store in droves because the new releases are still a “Steve Jobs Product” even after he is long gone.
    A sucker is born every minute.

  • Xander Crews

     @PrimeSupreme  Seeing as how most of the new features the iPhone has been getting for some time, have already existed on the Android OS…well…yeah.  Call it whatever you like, stolen, borrowed, inspired by.  Apple may have been first to the show with the smartphone platform that we know of today, but Android has taken it and ran, and consistently beating Apple to the punch.  The iPhone has a nice design and a smooth OS, but feature-wise it is far behind Android…and don’t even get me started on the controlling, locked-down iOS.  Give me a break.