Siri: “Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever”

An interesting piece of news hit the tech blogosphere today. Interesting, and a little humorous. If you ask your iPhone 4S’ personal assistant, Siri, what the best smartphone is, you’ll get a surprising answer. She (or he depending on your country of residence) will advise you to check out all the facts on Nokia’s latest Windows Phone-running flagship device.

Siri uses its connection with WolframAlpha to come up with the answer based on consumer reviews. Only 4 users submitted reviews, and all scored the handset a perfect 5 out of 5. In case you’re wondering why the iPhone isn’t mentioned: it’s not on the list, at all. Within the top 10 devices are three Nokia Lumia phones, and the discontinued HP TouchPad. So, oddly enough, your iPhone is almost certainly not what to turn to when thinking of purchasing a new phone.

What’s the best response you’ve got from Siri?

Via: TNW

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