Rumor: Thunderbolt on next-gen iPhone? I certainly hope so

If you use a new generation Macbook then you’ll know that Thunderbolt isn’t referring to Thor’s weapon of choice. Thunderbolt is a data transfer system that Apple developed with Intel that is capable of transferring data at speeds up to 10gbps. On a computer that’s fast, but could you imagine those sort of speeds on a phone?

According to a report from, if anyone could make millions of people switch to using a new main cable for their device, it would be Apple. Now you might be asking, what’s the point of that on a phone? When would I ever need to transfer that much data that fast? Both are good questions and Cnet explains better in the following post on their site:

“For starters, a Thunderbolt port would be the new docking connection for iPhones to peripherals, and would be capable of handling video and audio sharing. If the other phone makers took up the Thunderbolt port, it could become possible to have a unified connection for all phones and all peripherals in the future. A tech-lover’s utopia.”

So not only is Thunderbolt used for large and high-speed data transfer, but it can also be used to connect to monitors and external displays. Imagine all those features wrapped up into one phone, all through one port.

Personally, I would love to see this on the next iPhone. It would be awesome to have the ability to make large scale data transfers and the ability to connect to my Macbook or tv, all with one port. Fingers crossed that it gets included.

Anyone else out there hoping this comes to the new iPhone?

Via: Cnet

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  • Ipad3free

    Great post !!!!

  • nickrodriguez1

    I don’t think they should change anything with the dock connector. I own so many things with the 30-pin connector that I would be really mad if I had to change everything.
    Also think about all of the accessories that work with the current port. Although Apple has never really cared about leaving people in the dust.

  • Cubster

    I really want a thunderbolt port on my phone

  • JohnRobertPeters

    Apple didn’t develop thunderbolt. They just implemented it first.

  • joelblundell1

     @JohnRobertPeters That’s correct that they helped implement it in a mass market, but they did also do collaboration with Intel to develop it.