Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to have 3.95-inch display,1136 x 640 resolution on board

The next-gen iPhone’s screen has been the talk of the tech world over the last couple of weeks. Especially after stories from both Reuters and The Wall Street Journal broke saying that the new iPhone would be sporting a 4-inch screen. The 4″ display speculation went pretty much unchallenged, until now.

A new story from 9to5mac sets a new rumor fire ablaze. The popular tech site is reporting that the next iPhone – already in testing with another iPhone model – is going to have a 3.95-inch display on board. Also that the resolution is going to now be 1136 x 640. Currently, the two prototype testers are being used by Apple employees, and are codenamed iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,2 (or N41AP and N42AP). If the display does turn out to be this size, it would also mean a change in aspect ratio from 3:2 to – as near as makes no difference – 16:9 (otherwise known as widescreen).

9to5mac had the following to say on its site:

“Both of these phones sport a new, larger display that is 3.95 inches diagonally.  Apple will not just increase the size of the display and leave the current resolution, but will actually be adding pixels to the display. The new iPhone display resolution will be 1136 x 640.  That’s an extra 176 pixels longer of a display.  The screen will be the same 1.94 inches wide, but will grow to 3.45 inches tall. This new resolution is very close to a 16:9 screen ratio, so this means that 16:9 videos can play full screen at their native aspect ratio.”

To be completely honest, I jumped on the 4-inch screen bandwagon for two reasons. One, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal are both well known and respected news sources. Two, I just really want a bigger screen on my iPhone. With this new rumor in tow, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what Apple is planning…which is what the tech giant wants, I’m sure. That being said, getting a 3.95″ display is hardly worth crying over if you’re expecting a 4″ screen. It’s only .05 of an inch.

The thing that makes it hard is that 9to5mac often gets internal information from its Apple sources. Sometimes the info is wrong, sometimes it’s right. Goes without saying, take this with a grain of salt. One thing is for certain though and that is if Apple doesn’t bump up the screen size, plenty of angry geeks iFans will be smashing iPhones.

What are your thoughts? Do you care whether the screen is 4-inches or 3.95 inches? Or do you just want a bigger screen? Chime in down below in the comments


Via: 9to5mac

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  • Soni

    Finally something to chew onto.

  • TimH1955

    Apple needs to catch up with the current Android phones as they (Apple) are getting further and further behind.  They are a follower now and not a leader in innovation.

  • PeroPeric11

    Here is actual size comparison of Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 3.95

  • GSTurn

    Don’t want a taller screen. That is worthless, I want a wider screen so the text isn’t so small.  I can already turn the screen sideways to get the text larger but that is not acceptable, I want to use the phone upright and be able to read the text without having to pinch to zoom and scroll around.  I could care less whether it is 3.95″ or 4″ but if they change the aspect ratio to reach the 4″ number and don’t make it wider then they have not increased the screen size where it matters so I will not be interested.

  • TiP_Cam

     @TimH1955 In what way? Is a bigger screen really an innovation, or, is it just a screen, that’s bigger? Is a truck a leader in innovation over a car, because it’s bigger? 

  • AdrianAcevedo

    I agree with the guy below. 4 inch or 3.95 inch isn’t worth it. In fact, a taller iPhones means narrower iPhone which will look stupid and long. Not only is the length important, but Sonia the width. I would love something like the galaxy s 2 screen size in both width and length. I would be forever happy. If the iPhone doesn’t rock my world like the 4s didn’t, even though I bought it, then I’m done with Apple. And that sucks because that would also meanbim don’t with smart phones because android sucks way more. There apps suck and they have a HORRIBLE platform and sucky apps.

  • roboguy12

     @TimH1955 The problem with Apple is iOS. Apple were the leaders in innovation with OSX and brought about changes in desktop operating system UI and changed the industry back in the day. Then they invented iOS. The i-devices sold like crazy so they put all their eggs into that basket; new versions of Mac OSX have been almost fully reliant on deeper integration with iOS devices’ UI patterns and synchronization, and they are beginning to reach a stand-still in that field. The biggest innovation from iOS 4 to iOS 5 is the “borrowed” notification system, twitter integration, and Siri (among other under the hood things). iOS is stale, and some big changes to it would help spur the innovation again, but people don’t want changes; they like iOS to be simplistic and basic and it’s sad to see such a lack of innovation from a company that were once innovation kings.

  • Tonybabo

    @TiP_Cam @TimH1955 I agree with you. A bigger screen has nothing to do with innovation. More then anything I want to see advancement in innovation. Sure I want a 4 inch screen but reality is that right now I still think IPhone has the prettiest screen, and still is the easiest to use. So I think apple is on the right track.

  • Tonybabo

    It’s funny because even after I look at all these other phones with big screens, try out friends phones it’s still clear that even at 3.5 in screen the iPhones still best by far. I would like a 4 inch screen and think will get it. More important to me would be a updated UI that builds off IoS. I’m not a fan of the Android phones UI. I also want to see things come about like the haptic touch there working on, wireless charging. Things like that.

  • Tonybabo

    @roboguy12 @Tim I think ios should be revamped and freshened up but I don’t want it scratched more built upon. I think we tend to get impatient every year when we don’t get the jump we did with iPhone first came out or even IPad. I’m a normal guy who doesn’t know tons of details about operating systems, how things work. All I know is I want my phones, computers, tablets to work smoothly, look great, be easy to use and offers innovation that actually works. I switched to Apple products a few years ago for this reason. I don’t care for most android UI’s, find them confusing, slow, bland. When they come out with there innovation it never works right. Apple I think is getting ready to deliver a few things this year that will have its competition scrambling. We just need some patients.

  • Some random

    @TiP_Cam @TimH1955
    I don’t think he meant the screen but android phones are now coming out with quad core processors. And are starting to beef up their phones, and if apple keeps bringing out just minor updates to their current phone that they would eventually be left in the dust. Which I doubt will happen

  • Tonybabo

    @Some random Yea but if they choose not to utilize it that doesn’t make them less innovative. Many times Apple chooses not to add something right away because it’s not ready to be utilized the right way. More then not when they add something they do it in a way that is reliable and uses its abilities better. If something new like let’s say Haptic touch Apple is working on the chances are it will be done so well that it will change what we will expect from are phone. The original “iPhone killer” the samsung instinct had haptic feel but it stunk.