Rumor: New iPhone 5 details leaked – 4-inch display, Aluminum back, thinner body

Over the past few weeks, and months… Scratch that. Since the day the iPhone 4S was launched we’ve heard a lot of speculation regarding the next iPhone. Whether it will be called the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or simply “The New iPhone” is a mystery, and frankly doesn’t matter. It’s  what’s inside the next flagship Apple device that’s of real significance.

So far we’ve read and heard about a 4-inch display, NFC technology, unibody Aluminum design, LTE and the A5X/A6 processor. iLounge – today – claims to have some new information from a source, and has drawn up some digital renders to go along with it.

According to the site’s source, it will be a similar design to the current iPhone, but with some improvements. It will still be flat and rectangular, but  feature an Aluminum back panel. (Looks a little like the iMac range.) It will, allegedly, also feature a 4-inch display, making the phone longer (125mm long vs. 115mm). From the concepts, it looks as though display will stick with the same width, giving it a more “widescreen” look. The extra length means that Apple can rearrange the internals to make the phone thinner. And, according to the speculation, it will be around 2mm slimmer.

It could also feature the “micro-dock” connector that Apple has been working on for a little while now. This smaller proprietary connection will – again – save a lot of internal space, while keeping the performance of the iconic 30-pin connector.

I’ll be a little disappointed if Apple doesn’t change the flat back for a more comfortable one, but, I can completely understand that Apple’s design ethos is to stick with what it believes is better. At least it shouldn’t be as slippery, or easily damaged if it does have a metal panel. One positive at least: bigger display. It needs one, and the more time I spend with the One X, the more I think anything over 4.5″ is too big for easy, day-to-day, one handed use. 4-inches should be plenty.

What are your thoughts? Would you be happy if the iPhone looked like these mockups? Tweet me: @TiP_Cam

Via: iLounge

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  • Soni

    It’s really good to see the iPhone fever coming back but here’s to hoping that we don’t get disappointed again.

  • DarrenButz

    Unless they plan on releasing new versions of every iPod and iOS device sometime soon, I don’t see the 30-pin connector being changed. But then again, Apple clearly doesn’t seem to care about the entire iPod line-up anymore, so that would only leave the iPhone and iPad, sadly. I’d love to see an update to the iPod touch, and that it’d look almost identical to the iPhone. People complain that Apple doesn’t  change the form factor of the iPhone but look at the iPod touch…it’s always been the same since the first iPod touch came out.

  • jtd90210

    The only way that I will buy that is if they make the whole back aluminum, not glass and aluminum. 

  • Citlykeye

    *They should skip the whole 4in mark and go for the 4.3 in size seeing as even the people with little hands happily got over the size of the original Evo. ( i left my iphone 4 for the sgs2 and i can’t see leaving a 4.5 in screen for 4in one)* An all aluminum back would just cause radio signal and wifi issues (ie original ipad & iphone) besides aluminum dents easy

  • iamdorkster

    @ChrisDiCorpo I totally agree man. Looks a bit weird when it’s the same width.

  • KatZimmer

    I don’t like it… :( I doubt this is what the upcoming iPhone would look like. I have faith in Apple. They would blow our socks off with a completely different new design.

  • anlm

    most likely it will have 4g. If you’ve seen an update in the iphone 4s the signal bar says 4g but HSPA+. The new ipad has 4g LTE, why not the next iphone?

  • vic7

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