Rumor: Microsoft Office for iPad coming in November?

If you’re looking to get some serious work done on your iPad but don’t care for Apple’s iWorks applications, you’re in luck. BGR claims that, according to “a reliable source,”  Microsoft has plans to bring its Office suite to the iPad (and Android tablets) by November of this year!

Apparently the app looks basically identical to a leaked image from a few months back, even though Microsoft vehemently denied the image (above) was genuine. Though, looking at the picture, it looks pretty legit to me, so I would not be surprised if the app is incredibly similar to the program in the image. What’s more, the loading screen for the Microsoft Office application reportedly reads “Office for iOS,” which suggests we may just see some iPhone/iPod Touch support as well.

I hope this story pans out. I’m not a fan of Microsoft Windows, but I swear by the Office suite. iWorks just doesn’t cut it for me. What about you guys – would you buy an Office application? Let me know in the comments section below or on twitter!


Via: BGR

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  • nerd64

    OLD NEWS! Like 3 Months old!! Microsoft already released a statement saying that they are not going to make an app for the iPad. Period. Do some more in depth research