Rumor: iPhone 5 release in October, design not decided on, LTE expected

Over at yesterday, Rene Ritchie received some fresh intelligence from a source who knows about Apple’s plans regarding the fifth generation iPhone. “iPhone 5,1” as it’s code-named will allegedly feature LTE capabilities, and will still have the Home button – as has always been the case.

The most interesting facts/rumors: Apple is yet to decide on the new design for the iPhone. As always, the engineers and designers go through an intensive prototyping and testing process to see which works and looks best. And, although a mockup was designed recently of a metal-backed iPhone with a longer screen, we’re told we shouldn’t expect anything of the sort.

If there is to be a larger display, it will be a maximum of 4-inches. There’s every possibility that the next iOS-powered smartphone sticks with the current 3.5″ Retina. Whatever the screen size, do not expect Apple to change the aspect ratio. So, don’t go hoping for an Android-style 16:9 widescreen display. In a side note, Ritchie also claims that Apple will be bringing a smaller, 7.85″ iPad in to the market around the same time, late summer/early fall.

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  • Dinosaur

    I don’t care what the new iPhone will have except for Verizon LTE! If I see LTE, Siri, Dictation, the 4S camera, and iPhone together I’m upgrading from my iPhone 4!

  • Dinosaur

    But I would love if the Apple Maps app came true for iOS 6. I HATE GOOGLE MAPS! It always gets me lost so I never use directions and I have to route my own routes!! APPLE MAPS! APPLE MAPS!! APPLE MAPS!!! One month to go to find out!

  • ShaneValentine

     @Dinosaur My Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation never gets me lost. :)

  • Dinosaur

    @ShaneValentine But you see, I want a phone that works. Besides I downloaded a better map app and I didn’t have to worry about getting a virus! How about that =D

  • ShaneValentine

     @Dinosaur  @ShaneValentine Touche!! I’m probably making the switch to the dark side soon XD But on a seriously note, try Navigon. turn-by-turn, plus offline mode. :P
    Also, I want a phone that gets updated… but that’s besides the point.

  • Iphonefan1

    Bigger screen, please God..