Rumor: iOS 6 “Sundance” to feature third party Siri access and Siri for iPad

The latest iOS 6 speculation comes from TechCrunch. In an article posted late yesterday, it was rumored that the next version of iOS is known internally by Apple as “Sundance”. Code names are very familiar with any product and software secrets. After all, you can’t have Apple staff going around talking about “iOS 6” in public. For all you movie lovers out there, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the film festival.

What’s more interesting than the name is what’s in store for us. iOS 6 allegedly comes with Siri API to allow third-party app developers to make Siri-compatible apps. “Hey Siri, take care of Angry Birds, level 3-8 for me will you?” Wishful thinking perhaps, but, we may finally get the ability to tell our phones to tweet something, or send a message on Facebook. It also contains reference to a version of Apple’s voice control system which will work on the new iPad. Despite the fact that we were all expecting it on iPad 3, it never came. This rumor spilling at least gives us a little hope that it’s still on its way. Even if that hope is in vain, I’m okay with that.

Long with these new features are those speculated on yesterday: a new 3D maps service designed and made in-house by Apple. This would mean a move away from Google Maps services, leaving Google in an awkward position. Going from being on every top smartphone out there, to losing such a powerful force in the market is going to be a huge blow for the search giant.

Hey Siri, when will you be available on the iPad?” 


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  • BillThomas

    that would be cool

  • The Boss

    I don’t know why they stuck with Google Maps until now anyway, seeing as Google is a major rival.

  • Joe

    Google Maps for iOS is extremely lacking when comapred to it’s Android variant. It is about time it finally gets upgraded/replaced by something useful, so I don’t have to keep debating on purchasing navigation Software in the app store….luckily for me, my windshield-mount GPS is still working just fine.
    It would be nice to have Navigation on my phone for when I travel. Then I can leave the GPS at home!