Rumor: Apple iTV looks like Cinema display has Siri, FaceTime and iSight camera

Apple iTV rumors have been on the up since Steve Jobs’ biography hit the press late last year. Even if nothing ever materializes, at least we know that the guys over in Cupertino or still looking for industries to push forward. According to Cult of Mac, the TV set is more than just a pipe dream, a source claims to have actually seen the “iTV”.

The telly will include an iSight camera, Siri “personal assistant” and FaceTime. In terms of design, it’s said to look almost exactly like an Apple Cinema display, except much bigger. If so, I’m already dreading how much this television is going to cost. Considering the Cinema Display costs $999 already, and that’s just a monitor. Making it bigger, adding a processing unit, camera, etc. is not going to be cheap.

We all know Apple has a brand that promises quality devices, that can be priced to match that premium look/feel. Could Cupertino ever release a television set that sets the industry alight, and becomes as popular as the iPhone or iPad? I highly doubt it if it’s going to cost $2000 or more. I may be an Apple fan, but not enough to squander so much cash on a television. I’ll be sticking with my CRT Loewe thank you very much.

Via: CultOfMac

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