Londoners: Figure out the Tube with these Underground cases for iPhone 4/4S [Review]

Despite being British, the London public transport system totally confuses me at the best of times. I’m used to using local landmarks and “beacons” to find my way around. Being brought up in the tiniest village in North Wales and having moved up to a relatively rural city, the tube system is completely alien to me. You get in one place, move in the dark a bit, pop out a hole in the ground and suddenly I’m where I want to be. For the life of me, I can’t fathom the tube system. I constantly need to ask for directions, on which line to take, and which stops to get off at. My most recent experience was a couple of weeks ago at the Galaxy SIII launch. If only I’d had these cases with me back then.

The new range of cases from Cygnett has a few different offerings made in partnership with Transport for London. The two that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out are the TubeMap (white – £14.95) and the NightLines (black – £19.95). The range includes a few more too, to see the entire selection hit Cygnett’s iPhone case store.

The TubeMap is the typical hard plastic shell, except it has the central London underground map printed on the back. As a newcomer to the city, having that is so invaluable. It doesn’t cover the entire network, but, it gets everything between Paddington/Earl’s Court across to Tower Hill and Aldgate East. There’s nothing remarkable about its protective qualities, but, as a guide to using the Tube it’s fantastic.

If having a map on your phone isn’t your thing, perhaps the Night Lines case is more suitable. The design is great. The coloured lines look good against the black background, and the soft touch finish is really great in hand. In fact, before my wife saw that the underground line names were printed on it, she wanted it. Again, if you’re just getting to know the Tube, it’s useful to remember which lines are which colour. In the looks department the NightLines case certainly has the upper hand. I don’t live anywhere near London, and yet, I’ve not take the case off my phone. It feels fantastic.

Clearly, the market for these is very specific. Anyone outside the capital is out, as is anyone experienced on the Underground. But, for tourists, or anyone planning on visiting the city for the Olympics this year, it could save you horrendous embarrassment. Despite costing £5 more, I’d opt for the NightLine. If neither of these two take your fancy, remember to check out the rest of Cygnett’s range.


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