Is this the coolest iPhone dock ever?

One of the cool things about being an iPhone user is that there a literally thousands of accessories out there made specifically for your device. An area I’m constantly delving in to is that of stands or docks. I’m not sure what it is, but, I love a good desk-tidying and charging solution. My iPad has the Twelve South Compass stand and my MacBook Air sits upright in the same manufacturer’s Book Arc. It’s the minimal design and practicality that gets me.

A new iPhone dock has been unveiled that not only looks fantastic, but also is incredibly practical. Bracketron’s MetalDock has a unique, right-angled design that hugs your iPhone, and charges it while sat on your desk/bedside table. Thanks to it having great stability, it can hold your iDevice in portrait or landscape mode. Being so small and light, it’s a great travel companion. It will be available in June for $35.

Via: Gizmodo, iLounge

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  • mischelle

    the bose ipod dock is the best by far

  • MaeganBabcock

    This is pretty cool!  I may have to get one!