Is the next iPhone arriving in June? [UPDATE: Original article restored]

Before you take any of this as fact, read: this is speculation/rumor/not-confirmable, it is food for thought, and is based on some observations made by AppAdvice on some recent stirrings in the world of distribution, and on a tiny tidbit that I’ve heard.

1. The Info

App Advice has been following some rumors reported on the site dedicated to finding out the latest in iPhone 5 gossip: iPhone 5 News Blog. Recently, the website reported some details on how the next iPhone was arriving in June. They claimed that information from a source at UPS in the States had said some big moves were happening, the kind normally associated with an Apple device launch. Indeed, the contact claimed that they were working on “something big” with the world’s biggest tech company.

The site then pulled down the article. Reasons: no one knows. But, pages are usually only taken down if someone has asked them specifically to do so. In this case, most likely: UPS or Apple. If the writer had realised it was a load of nonsense, the post would get updated, or a new article written, commenting on the false nature of those claims. (Usually, but, you never know they may have bottled it.)

But, as I said, no one knows why it disappeared. It just has. Bear in mind: it was still just a rumor, but, someone didn’t like it.

2. My tuppence worth (Britishism = two cents worth)

Again, I have no images, files or documents to prove this is the case. So, take it as I do: as food for thought, not certainty. I spoke to a Three UK employee a few weeks back. According to that employee, staff have been instructed that it is not wise to book any vacation in June. Strongly advised not to – in fact. Their superior stated that it was down to the next iPhone being launched.

Take note: Retail head office or high up staff generally don’t know when the next device is being launched. Heck, most of Cupertino’s staff don’t know. So, I’m not stating that Three knows something, but they are prepared for it, which means it is ever-so-slightly possible. Obviously, Samsung is launching its newest Galaxy S phone today, so it could be plausible that the UK’s fastest growing network is preparing for the SIII. I could be wrong, but, Samsung launches don’t normally carry anywhere near the levels of excitement reached by the iPhone.

3. Things to consider

Despite the curious nature of these rumors, and the information given, I’m still not brave enough to stick my neck on the line and say that the next iPhone will bout out in June. I still think that a 12-month gap between 4S and 5/6/”new” is more likely. Recent speculation from “near the supply chain” seems to suggest that to be the case. Plus, Apple has enough on its plate at WWDC this year already, without having to worry about showing off the newest in the iPhone lineup. If we’re going to see the new version of iOS and OS X, I can’t see that there’s enough time to preview another iPhone.

4. Your opinion?

What do you think? When’s the best time to launch it? In time for the holiday season, or did you like Apple’s predictable summer launch? Let us know below.

[UPDATE: AppAdvice reached out and got this response

“Thanks for writing. The story is back up, and on the same URL. I took the story down temporarily this morning because the source  is concerned about any impact the revelations could have on her job. To me, the source’s concern speaks further to the credibility of the story.

I took the article down this morning to take some time to weigh whether or not to take the article down permanently or not, but have decided to put it back up, since removing it would ultimately call into question the story’s validity for some.”]

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  • m

    I believe that Apple isn’t really caring about when their release is because no matter what people are still going to buy the new iphone. and if the millions of people who have don’t. there are millions more that are eagerly waiting for the launch.

  • I don’t think they’d release a new iPhone this soon.  The 4s seems like it just came out. Apple needs to chill out.

  • JoshoGarrett

    Im not sure about your cell store, but the device launch could be for the new rumored MacBooks. Just my opinion. Because, I don’t think we’ll see a new iPhone until September/October. Its just to early.

  • dejay

    my friend called at&t cause she wanted to check her update eligibility  and the representative  told her she could update and get the 4s but there was no point in upgrading right now cause the iPhone 5 was coming in august  6th and even gave her a price of $250. when my friend told be i totally did not believe the at&t representative cause come on? there has been no word whatsoever about iPhone 5 release and if it would come out i don’t thin it would be at $250. most likely it would be $299.

  • jshah23967

    ohhh hope so! i really want this one :)
    check this out for more info;

  • RenC

    They just might wait until June next year to get back on a summer release. The only reason they released the 4s was the next phone wasn’t ready. By now that next phone is obsolete so they are working on the next phone. Plus it seems to be taking longer and longer to get the next software release ready.

  • GIaD0S

    @TiP_Cam no because it would run iOS 6 and they haven’t even announced a beta, they use to do its beta in the spring time for public summer

  • nerd64

    If anything its gonna be called iPhone 6 or iPhone LTE

  • smacsteve

    I say that the next iPhone is coming in June.  Target Mobile is reducing their price on all iPhones by $50 until further notice!  This has never happened before at Target and I see this as a emergency stock reduction to make room for new inventory!

  • anlm

    i don’t think regular consumers would really notice how small of a time gap between the releases if apple released a new iphone in june. Besides I’m due for upgrade from my iphone 4 and I want the next gen iphone asap

  • AaronGWilson

    no way… there have been no known releases of even betas for iOS 6. There is no way we will be seeing a new iPhone in the next 60 days. Will probably launch in October!