iPhone powered guitar, gTar hits Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a hotbed of innovation, and coolness. So many great iPhone accessories are birthed using the crowd-funded site. We’ve seen projects like Cell Helmet, Just Mobile’s AluPen stylus and the Instaprinter. This one – to me – is the most exciting. gTar is a new, iPhone-powered digital guitar. Although the makers are quick to state that it won’t replace a real guitar, it’s certainly the closest to doing that of anything I’ve seen so far.

gTar is designed to help beginners learn their favorite songs, using a combination of colored LED lights on the fretboard, and an iPhone app. Part of me thinks this is incredibly cool. The older, grumpier side of me doesn’t like it. If I had to slave for hours as a youngster, learning finger-style blues on an old, cheap guitar, so should everyone else. This just makes it too easy. Learning isn’t supposed to be easy.

Argh. Who am I kidding?! The gTar rocks, and is certainly something new to the market. I’ll do all I can to get my hands on one. What about you? Ever wanted to learn guitar? This could be your way in.

Via: Kickstarter

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