iPad makes up 68% of tablet market

Following the massive success of the new iPad, it has emerged today that Apple’s device now accounts for 68% of all tablets. Year on year, overall tablet sales have increased by 120%, and Apple’s share has increased from 54.7% to 68%, rival Android tablets are in decline. Amazon’s Kindle fire saw its market share drop from 16.8% to just 4%.

IDC director of research Tom Mainelli commented:

“Apple reasserted its dominance in the market this quarter, driving huge shipment totals at a time when all but a few Android vendors saw their numbers drop precipitously after posting big gains during the holiday buying season,”

With a display like that, it was hard to predict anything but domination for Apple this year…

Mainelli believes that the iPad’s all-purpose nature was lending itself well to potential customers, and proving incredibly popular as a result. According to IDC, we can expect a larger screened Amazon device, and a joint venture from Google and ASUS designed to compete with the Kindle Fire. Throw in the release of tablet friendly Windows 8, and you can be sure that 2012 will be an interesting time for tablet development.

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