iOS drops to 29% share in Q1, dominates the gaming market

Back in the holiday quarter, the iPhone celebrated its most successful financial period to date. 37 million units were sold, thanks to the later-than-usual launch of the iPhone 4S. Needless to say, the market settled down afterwards and things are back to normal. In Q1 of this year, out of all smartphones sold in the US, iPhones made up 29%. Android was back up to 61%.

What that means now, is that out of all current smartphone owners in the States, 48.5% of them own Android devices. 32% have iPhones, and the remaining 19.5% was divided between RIM, Microsoft and other less popular platforms. Interesting side note: Windows Mobile handsets still hold a bigger portion of the American smartphone users market than Windows Phone.

With only 3 phones on the market, it’s still amazes me that Apple can maintain such a strong market presence. On a similar note, iPhone users are seemingly much more willing to part with money, the App Store based gaming market is booming.

Out of all revenue made in mobile gaming, 84% comes through iPhones, iPods and iPads. Only 16% comes via Android handsets, tablets or media players. And despite it looking as though iOS is beaten in the smartphone world, let’s not forget who makes all the profit in the industry. Only last week a report was released stating that Apple takes a healthy 73% of the mobile industry’s profits. Besides the iPhone makers, only Samsung and HTC made profit, all the others lost money.

Via: 9to5Mac, CultofMac

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  • Badgers O Hara

    You’re missing something important here. The gaming figures are based on how much has been spent. A lot of android games are free, or have a free version. A lot of other games are cheaper on android, so actually, the figures don’t really show very much at all without the actual download figures to back them up. You could possibly argue that the figures show that apple users are paying 5 times as much for the same content!