Intern Program – Do you want to join our team?


Are you passionate about iPhones, iPads and iOS? Do you eat, sleep and breathe Apple portable tech? If you are interested in Mobile-tech publishing, Today’s iPhone may have an entry level opportunity for you. Applicants should be very knowledgeable about technology in general, and specifically in regards to Apple mobile devices. Strong writing skills are a must. Previous writing background is preferable, but not required.


Passionate about iOS, iPhones and iPads
Strong writing skills
Individuals who are organized and can meet deadlines
Applicants must be capable of finding news stories as they happen
Jailbreak knowledge is a huge bonus (not make or break)
WordPress experience is preferable, but not essential

Program Details

PhoneDog’s network site program is currently allowing for open-ended positions, meaning you can stay on as long as you like. Once proven as a voluntary intern, there’s every possibility that we can create a paid job for you in the future. We’re all about hiring from the inside and we want you to become a solid member of the TiP team.

To Apply

If you are interested in joining our team, find two recent iOS news articles and re-write them with your own flair and opinions. Show your own personality and make it a good read. Then email them to

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  • Joshua9609

    Hi I’m 16 I would like a intern ship you guys didn’t specify the age I know how to jail break I have iPad iPhone iPod I’m always looking for what’s next on iOS I’m very intrestad and passionate about well any type of technology but specially iOS I know how to work a mostly every thing