Foxconn boss alludes to Apple iTV

According to a report from China Daily, Foxconn boss Terry Gou has confirmed that Apple are making a TV set.

Bolted on to the end of a news piece about a shift in Foxconn distribution, the apparently insignificant news seems to have slipped under the radar. Gou claimed that Foxconn were in the middle of making preparations for the TV, despite the fact that neither development nor manufacturing have started…

He reckons that the TV will have an aluminum construction, perhaps in line with the next iPhone, and also Siri and FaceTime capabilities. He also suggested that Apple’s next hit would be a collaboration between Foxconn and Sharp, who will probably be involved with the display.

Now these are, of course, rumors, but contrary to popular belief, your boss normally knows what he’s doing, and I guess if anyone knows what’s going on at Foxconn, it’s Terry Gou.


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