FCC decision could help Apple’s HDTV

A new FCC decision may actually help Apple as the company looks to get into the television game. The FCC is considering a change to the definition of “multichannel video programming distributor.” A change of this definition would mean that Apple could be free to offer a number of TV channels just as if it were a cable provider without having to negotiate with cable providers over their expensive programming deals.

As cool as this sounds, it could really disrupt the current monetary flow in the TV industry, so cable providers are trying their hardest to make sure this does not happen. For Apple, though, this new policy would be great; it would be possible for Apple to offer its own channels on its own TV, keeping every aspect of the viewing experience controlled in the Apple ecosystem.

If this change does not go through and the definition of “multichannel video programming distributor” stays as is, Apple would have to approach each channel individually to negotiate programming deals. Obviously, this would be very expensive and inefficient for Apple. However if the FCC does accept this new definition, there would be nothing stopping Apple from offering a number of channels of its own and cutting deals with TV studios directly.

What do you think? Do you want the FCC to make the changes and let Apple be the boss of the iTV as well as the content it plays, or should the system stay as it is? Would you buy the Apple “iTV” if it was released under this new policy? Let us know in the comments.


Via: ZDNet

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  • Tuliomesa82

    thats dumb, you’re going to buy a TV just so you can limited to what apple wants you to see? what they feel like broadcasting? what if i want to watch porn? where would i get that from apple huh?