Don’t expect Apple TV Set before 2014, says analyst

The Apple Television set is supposed to be the next “big” thing from Apple, something revolutionary instead of evolutionary. However, according to one analyst the new set-top box will not hit store shelves until at least 2014. Bummer.

Moskowitz, the analyst from J.P. Morgan, stated that there is no evidence to support that an Apple TV launch is going to happen this year. His evidence is mainly based on the bad economy and Apple’s already amazing set-top box.

However, Moskowitz is confident that when conditions are right, Apple’s box  set will really change the television market. With rumored features of Siri, a 4k display, HD webcams and the like, it’s hard not to get excited about Apple’s rumored television set. The box is said to feature the same aluminum/glass design as all of Apple’s other products do in addition to running iOS.

The TV set is also rumored to have built in gaming capabilities, an App Store, a touch screen remote, new streaming options with Epix, and many other features that are no where close to being on current televisions. If all of these rumors where true, except the release date, Apple will have a hit on its hands.

Moskowitz also threw in his two cents about Apple’s rumored NFC based payment system, saying that Apple already has a great base with its Apple Store app in order to base the NFC system awesome.

Are you going to be buying the rumored Apple TV set? How much would you be willing to pay for the TV set? Leave a comment with your answer, or send me a tweet.

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