‘Bump’ app for iOS update brings iDevice to computer photo sharing

(Image courtesy AppAdvice)

The “Bump” application has been around for quite awhile now, letting you quickly share contact information, pictures, etc, but this newest update is a fairly big one. Now you have the ability to share the pictures directly to your computer with a slight “bump” of your device on the computer’s space bar.

The service is free, and incredibly simple to use. You first open the application on your iDevice, and choose the photos you would like to transfer. Next, using any web browser (however it probably has to be a more modern one such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox), you log in to http://bu.mp. Then once both are ready, gently bump the device on the space bar of the computer and it will transfer the photos. You can then choose to have them saved to your hard drive or shared to a social network.

In an ABC News interview, the CEO and co-founder of Bump David Lieb said the feature works with a combination of the devices sensors and Bump’s cloud services. You need to have location services turned on in your web browser for it to function correctly.

What do you think? Do you like Bump’s new feature? Will you use it? Let us know in the comments.


Via: iTunes & AppAdvice

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  • sam

    Out of interest, does this work the other way? PC to iDevice?